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  • Question about philips Hue, i would like to create a flow to do something with the lights (like blink for attention) but then go back to the previous lamp status. Is this possible or is this a feature request and if so, where to put this request? T…
  • looks good, my "kruidvat" powerbank is working for hours but drains down and cannot charge and discharge, the one you mentioned can do this so it is some kind of ups? I've some kabels to also power my router so with 2 of them i'm able to alert me a…
  • @Rocademelshe , perhaps it is an idea that athom fix basic stuf after 4 years, so we don't have to come to these forums for this kind of issues. Also the lady then get start giving answers to customers instead of deleting questions.
    in issues z-wave Comment by tunf May 2017
  • Nice app, is it possible to create the nightrider option, so half the (lower front part) red left to right?
  • nice discussion, but to be on topic again, can someone share the flows? i'm also strugling. After an update or reboot the z-wave starts again and on test i use the fibaro door sensors to tell me door open or closed. After the restart it is telling m…
  • i have a kaku wall plug within 2 meters of homey and on is about 90% hit ratio, off about 1 % where the remote can be used at all times from the same (homey) location.
  • the app is not supporting this unit as i found out also, i hope it will do one day as i also have this device.
  • seems to be a z-wave / memmory issue. i'm not able to add/ remove more than 1 device. In between i need to restart homey. Currently only able to test with fibaro sensors. Also my memmory was full, removed a lot of apps, then over 180 mb free. After …
  • not able to add 3 and 4th device. now on to coffee break and doing other stuff. gggrrrlll.
  • thougt i fixed it but each time i added one i need to reboot my homey to be able to add anotherone. Also removing a z-wave unit needs  a reboot before another z-wave action is possible!
  • Hi there, after a (very) long time i'm now reconfiguring my homey again. This due to the fact that i can now backup all settings ;-) I'm not able to connect my fibaro door/ window sensor, it is in the correct mode (blinking led even visable) but no…
  • Nice APP, only is was looking and installing it to get my sf812 smoke detectors working. Using the z-wave it is connecting to Homey, whoever it is telling me that there is not an app installed for it. Do you see any change to add this smoke detector…
  • or use the zigbee module from the homey and don't need the bridge ? ;-)
  • can someone post a screen shot, i'm not able to get this to work. Can this workaround also be used to start/ stop something using an nfc card? So first times it is used turn on lamp, second time turn off/ dimm and if possible third time lamps to gre…
  • since 0.9.x  the color in dutch is again in englesch by voice so groen is green etc. this worked in 0.8.x one time correct. just minor but fixable.
    in Homey v0.9.2 Comment by tunf August 2016
  • Leek me ook heel leuk/ looked nice at first glance. Until i read the following: In short, the know it al and will give it to anyone... A thing to think about! Most other brands don…
  • cool, looking great so far. Any change there will be a backup and restore in the next release? it is now a lot of time a waste of efforts after an update.
    in Homey v0.9.1 Comment by tunf July 2016
  • i removed all today and got it working 3 times, then after 40 minutes, command recognised, turning lights on is out of the speaker but no lamp turning on. Wil also wait for an update.
  • cool! looking for a ceiling mount still, this to place it between my lamp and the seiling socket so it covers the whole room. So if you have some spare time
    in New look Comment by tunf July 2016
  • If you are going to take a look, please also look at the power consumption. My battery was drained within 8 hours using the homey app in the background (phone in standby). It normally takes 24 hours to drain (iphone 5s).
  • Ronneman said: Also interesting on Slack, new flow management movie looks very cool, it is not in the .34 release yet but this is one of the major things i was missing. Now also c…
  • @emile, sounds like a major news flash.....
  • The data is encrypted, i own the source database at my work so that is not the issue. If we build this, let it be future ready...
  • @MarcoF, you sounds like you are in love these days....;-)
    in Bye Homey Comment by tunf April 2016
  • @blusser, i have about daily contact with liveop. there is no api yet but there is a V4U app for android already. Soon there is a customer experiance day. Will discuss it there. One of the owners of liveop had his office where now Atom sits, it wa…
  • there is an rss app on its way, also here same issue.....
  • This is since 8.30 and is also the main reason why voice commands are not working anymore and homey is not stopping to listen. It hears the whole time things. I think it has voices in his own memmory.
  • techniman said: Just FYI de Praxis has a 20% discount on "anything" (yes there are exceptions)  but the Hue Whites are included in this, just bought 2 dimmers for 20 euro each + free shipping  also try the innr lamps, compatible with hue
  • En dit topic toont ons poldermodel zoals we dat overal op toepassen. Als je het niet kunt typen, ga het dan zingen ;-) Even serieus; als het je niet in het Engels lukt dan stel je je vraag toch gewoon in het Nederlands. Dan wacht op een antwoord en …
  • @pulsar thank you for your post. This post and reaction is exaclty what i wanted to prevend and therefore shared all my experiances with the post 'my first homey' , lets see if an extra couple of days will fix things.