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TKB Home ZWave App (request for..)

DenWDenW Member
edited April 2018 in Apps
Hi fellow Homeydians,

Is anyone of the developers out there perhaps working on a TKB Home Zwave app?
I have a number of TKB Home devices which are anything but usable at the moment and i'm not a developer. If anyone is working on an app, i'll gladly contribute any and all information that may help in speeding up development to make them usable.



  • +1 on that app 
  • What kind of z-wave devices are we talking about? and are there a lot? 
  • Thanks for your inquiry, Caseda.

    For me, it's the double wall dimmer i'm mostly interested in (TZ65D), along with the wall plug-in dimmer (TZ67-G).

    TKB Home's ZWave product portfolio can be found here:

  • im using :   

    TZ68-G  (basic on/off device now but no feedback when using HW button ) 


  • if i'm done with the devices that i'm now working on (2 devices at the moment), i'll look into it, but don't expect it too too soon (like a week or 2), so if anyone else is interested go ahead.

    one thing though, it seems a lot of their devices aren't properly documented (not even known what command classes it is using) so if i would want to create drivers i will need at least the node info that gets posted in the Chrome Console. Only the product type id en product id isn't going to be enough.

    Or if you have a decent (and reliable) source for these devices (not just a "pepper01" page), you're more then welcome.
  • djeskodjesko Member
    edited October 2016
  • if it has the command classes (and optionally the version number) then yes (i believe I've already seen some xml files coming through before)
  • i did send you fibaro binary XML before 
  • What i came up with in a Google search..

    1) Manuals of ZWave devices:
    2) Forum posts on TKB Home device classes: and!topic/openhab/2pPgHw5IHRk
    3) ZWave Alliance Command Classes: and

    Is this in any way helpfull?

  • their manuals are not helpfull at all for the command classes used (already checked that), some devices even don't have a manual specified on their page :/

    i never follow forums for devices except for when its really really needed, they contain so much unreliable and messed up information

    but i did forgot about the alliance's own pages.. thanks for remembering me :smiley: too bad it's the old versions (there they don't specify the version number yet)
  • DenWDenW Member
    edited October 2016
    By helping you i'm helping me.. so, your very welcome..  :)
    If you have a physical device in your network, can you read out the information you need? Or is there any way I can read out the information you need ( for example using Homey)?
  • if it is already included as an unknown device, no. well... maybe if i need the device type id and device id, but those shouldn't be the biggest problem.

    if i want more information about a device it needs to be re included with Chrome console open,
    or if it has a basic driver implemented it needs the debug enabled

    at the moment only 3 devices, for TKB so i don't think it will take too too long to make the initial app. (but i still do want to finish with my previous 2 devices beforehand, 1 is very hard to determine an ETA)
  • Just out of curiosity, can you tell which devices you're working on?
  • eurotronic Comet (central heating valve) which is almost done. and fibaro universal binary sensor (very troublesome module)
  • Cool! Good Luck..  I also have a ZWave thermostat that should work with Homey.. but doesn't, yet..
    If there is anything (i.e. not programming but graphics or writng stuff up) I can do to help.. 

  • This would be great. The double wall dimmer is the last smart thing i own that i cannot connect to homey yet. 

  • @DenW ;
    i have a question about the TZ56D, can't get my answer fully when reading the manual (i am pretty certain but just want to be sure)
    can you dim the outputs of the switch?
    or can the output only be switched on and off, and will the dim level only be send to the corresponding groups (homey in this case)

    when reading the manual it pretty much says the latter, that it only can be switched on and off, no dimming on the outputs
  • Hi @caseda ,
    Thanks for your question! Good to see you're already working on an app..

    TKB Home has a number of different devices. The TZ56D you mention is a double switch. As I don't own that model I don't know for sure, but I think it's only a switch at the outputs as well as on ZWave level. So you'd only be able to turn a light on and off.

    The TZ67D (which I do have) is a double dimmer. The primary switch (left) is a dimmer, both on ZWave and at the hardware output. The living room lights I have connected dim beautifully.. :)
    The second switch (right) is a software dimmer only. As I understand (and in theory so far..) I can connect another ZWave dimmer to the second TZ67D switch, and it will follow the dim level of the hardware switch. The second switch\dimmer does not have a hardware output.

    Does that answer your question? If there is anything else I can help you with, just ask..

    Best and thanks,
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited October 2016
    i think you mean TZ65D, i think TZ67(G not D) is a socket. 
    but somehow i changed the 6 and the 5 around.. that's my bad. (how did that ever happen.!? So Many Different Number.!)
    thanks though :smiley:

    and yeah i can't continue with the last device i was working on because my homey is kinda doing strange at the moment... and there were still more things (thanks to z-wave updates) that came in between that i also can't continue because of this.

    so you're lucky :smiley:
  • Hey @caseda ,

    Yes indeed, I switched numbers and did mean TZ65D..
    Glad my info was of use.. :smile: 

    As you are obviously deeper involved in the technical information on ZWave then I am, do you have any idea how to connect the second software dimmer of the TZ65D to a plug-in dimmer like the 67G? I know a ZWave controller is needed to connect them, but the manual is anything but clear. Will this function be part of the driver you're writing? It is my understanding that after connecting them the ZWave controller does not have to be on for the connection to function.
  • it is a default thing of z-wave don't have to write anything for it.
    already explained once how it's done here.

    and that is correct, if you use this way you won't need homey once they are connected

    Don't know the exact groups you would need to use on TZ65D,
    if it is the same as TZ56D then it's group 2 for left button, and group 3 for right button, but don't quote me on this one
  • @DenW
    If it's a software switch it's probably done with Z-wave associations.
    You can read more about it here:
  • @RobinVanKekem @caseda ;

    Excellent!! Thanks guys!
  • @caseda ;

    Can we try the app from GIT ? 

  • even though it is already on git, it's long from being finished.

    So not very advised to use it yet.
  • caseda said:
    even though it is already on git, it's long from being finished.

    So not very advised to use it yet.
    ok , thanks and have a nice weekend ! 

  • casedacaseda Member
    edited October 2016
    as long as my homey is giving system errors i can continu on this app, so maybe i'll be done before a fix has been handed to me  :tongue: 

    but have a fantastic weekend yourself too :smile:
  • caseda said:
    as long as my homey is giving system errors i can continu on this app, so maybe i'll be done before a fix has been handed to me  tongue 

    but have a fantastic weekend yourself too smile
    What system error?  Just curious 
  • i don't know exactly, its what jeroen told me it was, in short, it keeps me from properly using any apps in homey including CLI apps
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