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Fibaro dimmer 2 - control via S2 switch

Hi all,

Does someone has the S2 switch on this Z-wave dimmer working? For controlling a second Fibaro dimmer I know you should associate with GroupID 5, but then on both Homey or Vera I cannot get it to work.

Someone with practical advice how to configure the S2 switch? Many thanks!


  • I use the S2 switch in flows now, (when 's2 switched '  do .......)
    works perfect!
  • That is indeed very easy, but am looking for programming  a direct link between Fibaro S2 toward another Z-wave id /device. This should be possible but instructions are so complex I am looking for advice. 

  • It seems nobody knows how to directly program the S2 switch (with Group ID 5 I read for dimmers), in order to control another Fibaro dimmer? Someone must have done this! If you know and can share, that would be great!!
  • @caseda might be able to help you with that.
  • oh right, i wanted to help here :blush: 

    It is not that hard.
    For the first step, you need to have both devices connected to homey, so the one you want to control but also the one you are controlling with.
    The only information you further need is the id of the device you want to control, this is found in the settings:

    after that you put that id number in the associations settings of the device you want it to control with, in your case the dimmer 2:
    Group 2 (if the to be controlled device can handle Z-Wave+ (plus) signals)
    Group 4 (if the to be controlled device can not handle Z-Wave+ (plus) signals, so only normal Z-Wave)
    You can do both if you are not sure. (there is a limit to the amount if id's you can put in)

    You WILL need to see in the manual if you have an other device to what the association settings do for your specific device, this is different for every module type.
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