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  • take the pug and plug it near to homey and wait if it wll respond again. then you know that it was to far from homey placed and you have to take another plug to make a bigger zwave mesh and reach more devices 
  • it has no report of powerusage. i have one and it only can switch on or off and can help buildinh a zigbee mesh.
  • @bullseye1977 could you please give us more detailed Infos how you connect the pulseswitch to the xiaomi switch?
  • Great idea @bullseye1977 ! i will test this as soon you have a tutorial for this! 
  • my netatmo app vers 1.0.1 crashed also and won't work anymore. apps for homeautomation that are from athom should be fixed  quick. otherwise the homeautomation ist only a big experimental place which is not reliable and only for some nerds. so plea…
  • yes , i am very patient but now i would also really know when the so long promised app hit the ground. spome delays are really normal but this is getting frustrating. 
  • i will donate for another beer when the bew app hits the ground ;-)
  • @jorden yes i am on version 0.2.2. no stress @jorden would be fine if it will works in the future, but i can wait till then :-)
    in Nuki doorlock Comment by phil_s May 2018
  • i did the callback url now for some times and all looks ok, but no, it won't work. perhaps i have deinstall and reinstall the app and the device... but it is not so important anymore. would be fine butu there is ifttt and i now spent some time to c…
    in Nuki doorlock Comment by phil_s May 2018
  • I have all tricks and tips done. No update of the state of the lock. Only one id. Set callbacks and url.... nothing works.  So ifttt has to push me messages of my daughter comes home from school. Works okay. 
    in Nuki doorlock Comment by phil_s May 2018
  • great to hear @jorden thank you
    in Nuki doorlock Comment by phil_s May 2018
  • Yes one dead node i have too. But wondering where it belongs to...
  • Hmm, really some kind of bug perhaps? In homey? i had yesterday also problems getting a neo Coolcam plug included.  Same behaviour you descripted.  After several exclusions (zwave settings etc) and a reset it worked.  Never had such problems at …
  • I know. Thats why i am asking.  but when the device wakeup once in a time like we all know why can‘t this be recognized as „i am alive“.  Thats why i set the card to 24 hours because the battery devices wakeup within this Timerange.  But it is Not…
  • @rickp that doesn't work! was also reported somewhere in the formum and i just didn't get it to work. then you suddently have from all devices you have push mails that a sensor not reported. what definitely is not right. i used the inbuild card "de…
  • sorry when this question was already mentioned, but this thread is very long... is there a possibility to check all sensors of my alarm mode if they are full functionable? so do they respond? because most sensors are battery driven like motion sens…
  • Du kannst auch ohne Countdown app das Licht ausschalten. Dafür einfach in den sensor settings die Sekunden bis motionalsrm off is set variieren.  Und wieder einfach auf „when motion alarm off“ Then „Licht aus“ setzen. Mitcder countdownapp bist du nu…
  • Benutze die Countdown App. Lege dort unter Settings einen Counter (Namen) an.  Dann im Flow sowas: wenn motion sensor alarm aus (nicht an!) starte Counter (Sekunden deiner Wahl). dann einen neuen Flow: wenn Counter reaches 0 (Sekunden) mach das Lic…
  • I have absolutly no problems with 1.5.8. z-Wave and zigbee are stable. Ok, i have only xiaomi and No ikea but all are great working.  But i think it is for everyone an other Situation. So i am glad so far. 
  • Fast perfektes Deutsch @Willem ! ich habe mich inzwischen mit dem Amazon Dot und dem neuen Homey-Skill gut arrangiert.  Klar wäre eine deutsche Sprache für Homey toll, aber für nicht so wichtig.  Ich denke der deutsche Markt wäre echt ein riesen S…
  • Cool! Someone a picture of this? If Not i will try. But would be great.  Thx for this great idea  edit: i used Google search and realized that this only works with an non digital gong.  But the idea was great. :-)
  • @Kyrcio could you please Tell me how you did this with the door sensor? Thank you
  • Ok @Huipri Then the app will be deleted.  
  • the state of the doorlock isn't reportet. would be fine if i can push messages to my phone if it is unlocked etc.. made an issue:
  • Donation sent! Please keep working on the app.
  • ok, i will change to 200 meters for test in the tado-app. status at the moment: homey app distance home area in homey-app: 115 meters and in tado-app: 400 meters i get simultan push mesages by homey with this  so when i will make 200 meters in th…
  • I must change the radius of both Applications (homey presence and tado Original app) for homezone to equal distances. I will Report. edit: it seems like it works teally good. But in the tado app a radius of 400 meters is selected and prefered. Tha…
  • great @OpenMind_NL will test the home/away status beside the normal homey presence.  great work as always!
  • zigbee should be more stable in the upcoming 1.5.6-rc10 release. so hopefully with the stable 1.5.6 the zigbee probs will disapear ;-)
  • @Martijn i will try your solution. i hoped athom will get it, but only my own iphone works with prensence, my old iphone (now used by my wife) won't work correct. so i will test your solution. i think the reason why many people don't want own track…