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Inklusion not working as it should

I have been trying to add devices to my Homey for the last couple of days and I keep running into the same stupid problem which is driving me CRAZY!!!

Everytime I try to add a device (doesn't matter if it is aeotec, fibaro, or neo) the following keeps happening:

First Inclusion attempt: Node identified as slave -> NO ZWAVE DEVICE FOUND
Second inclusion attempt: Parameters are checked, then either -> TIMEOUT or -> NO ZWAVE DEVICE FOUND
Third inclusion attempt: Might work, or I get the error "this device is already paired"

This. Is. Driving. Me. Up. The. Wall!!


  • When the first attempt fails you will have to remove the device in Settings - Zwave (even if the device hasn't been added correctly and doesn't appear)

    Try adding your device really close to Homey, less than 1m, it might (and often will) fail otherwise.
  • SJSSJS Member
    The devices are 2 cm away from homey when I try to include them.

    Strangely, when I do it via the device app (Fibaro, Aeotec, etc) then it fails. HOWEVER: I just found out when I select "Homey" and then click on "ZWAVE" and add the device that way everything runs smooth.
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited April 2018
    Hmm, really some kind of bug perhaps? In homey?

    i had yesterday also problems getting a neo Coolcam plug included. 

    Same behaviour you descripted. 

    After several exclusions (zwave settings etc) and a reset it worked. 

    Never had such problems at all. And this was a first pairing since a while. (3 Month) 

    next Time i will try your way over the simple add zwave way instead of the app. Just for interest
  • SJSSJS Member
    Kind of strange since when I first started adding devices everything went smooth. With the devices I have been wanting to add the past couple of days I have noticed this behavior. 

    Plus I just saw that I have some dead nodes which for some odd reason I can't get rid of
  • Yes one dead node i have too. But wondering where it belongs to...
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