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  • mmm, not sure if it is due to the updated fibaro app or the update of homey. but it seems my fibaro motion sensor setiings update does not work anymore when pressing the button on the sensor 3x quickly.
  • Ho Phuturist, Thanks for your reply,  I checked the speech-input. Looks like homey understands the words differently then I say. For example: Sunscreen = "Send Scream", "Send Stream" or "whats the sentry" I think voice recognition needs still some …
  • Hey Jorden, I saw your advice, so i gave it a try. But it does not work with me. When I save the flow and test it with the test button I get some red crosses in the upper left in the logic card. Looks like it does not function. Also saying the OK …
  • @aloft , thats a known issue will be fixed soon with a hotfix (0.8.35)
    in 0.8.34 Comment by Deentje May 2016
  • That makes sense, thanks
  • mmmm was able to install the app now, though user name (mail adress) is not recognized.
  • Same issue here with my Samsung Note 4
  • wow fast reaction time and great answer :-))
  • Does the app also support voice control? This could be handy if your upstairs and your homey is downstairs and you wanna run a certain command/scenario remotely withouth pushing buttons on your Phone.
  • Would also be nice if you put in the agenda that your on holiday and that homey recoginizes this and uses some kind of holiday mode :-P (with random lights on etc etc)
  • Maybee an idea to sync with an online agenda, and ask homey whats on the agenda for today