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  • How about a motion sensor combined with a door/window sensor? simplified: 1. if door opened and no motion detected then start timer and turn on lights 2. if motion detected and timer running then someone in bathroom and stop timer 3. if door opened…
  • OetAelse said: Now i want to store time like 11:30 in a variable and use this as tag in a flow, is this possible? I'd like to know if this is possible as well. Have tried using a BL-tag with a specific time in a time-based trigger, but t…
  • Me neither! Are triggers on the roadmap as well? I'd like to trigger actions when a Squeezebox starts playing (turn on amplifier). I've been exploring if I can contribute myself, but haven't really found my way around Homey dev yet.
  • Too bad, this would be a great device to use with Homey.
  • Any chance the latest (dev) version will get pushed to the Appstore soon? Would love to have triggers and status  
  • On iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 10 the wave is not centered, so it only spreads over 75% of the screen. This with the latest Testflight iOS app 1.3.1 build 56.
  • MikeOne said: D said: Any chance the Apple tvOS version of Plex will be supported soon? It depends what kind of support you mean. Voice control is probably not going to work (the atv doesn't allow remote control afaik). However,…
  • Any chance the Apple tvOS version of Plex will be supported soon?
  • I use the HTTP app for some basic Squeezebox things, but an app would be awesome!
  • I had quite some issues with crashed and z-wave unreliability last week, so this weekend I decided to do a reset+wipe. I re-installed only the Hue, Countdown and Youless apps. Had a lot more apps before like BetterLogic, Buienradar, Harmony Hub etc.…
    in 0.8.32 Comment by D May 2016
  • Don't forget to add the "Stop countdown" card to your Turn on flow. Otherwise it gets very annoying after a very short time. 
  • Be aware that this is the 'old' version of the bulb. Still a good deal anyway!
  • IF buttonOn was pushed THEN set LightsOn to 1 IF buttonOff was pushed THEN set LightsOn to 0 IF LightsOn changed AND LightsOn = 1 THEN turn lights on IF LightsOn changed AND LightsOn = 0 THEN turn lights off
  • No.
    in Backup & restore Comment by D April 2016
  • tunf said: If Athom is open for suggestions i from wc eend recommand that they read my post my first homey. Lots of small and big suggestions there but after days of work 0, null, ze…
  • See 'else' is coming. 'or' not planned, judging by @Emile's reaction, but Athom's open to suggestions.
  • I think for Hue you could use the HTTP-app and set a high transitiontime through the API. Haven't tried this myself though.
  • MarcoF said: D said: I have no such problems with it. Keeps working like it should. Maybe you can share some more info and screenshots about your sensor (age, firmware version, how configured in Homey, etc). I will when I…
  • I have no such problems with it. Keeps working like it should.
  • Emile said: My music in the bathroom starts playing when my shower's water touches the Fibaro water sensor, and stops automatically as well How have you setup the flood sensor? Mine keeps reporting water long after I stopped showering,…
  • Frakke said: Hi All, These are my steps to add the sensor: ---- After that, you just put "1" under "Group 3"? That doesn't seems to work on my device. The alarm keeps being "on". Set "Report to association group" to 3 when setting t…
  • I have three of these working with Homey but it took a little trial and error. They work perfectly if you set the association to group 3 upon adding the device. When I tried it with setting the association to 'none' upon adding, and afterwards set…
  • Can someone comment on this?
  • My pre-v3.2 work great. I'm not sure if all retailers already stock v3.2, so you could ask around?
  • DaneeDeKruyff said: Indeed, when you register a shipment and make sure the packages are at Post NL the same day, the projected next day delivery as shown in the Post NL app is met. That's the way Post NL works. Really, can no-one here take any…
  • DaneeDeKruyff said: MarcoF said: and Can take some days.... I was hoping the previous shipment had been…
  • PostNL usually processes packages like these at night, might be even after 0:00 for the app to update.
  • There's already a topic for the Android app:
    in Android app Comment by D March 2016
  • I don't see anywhere if they're making an EU version (i.e. with the right Z-Wave freq).
    in Amazon Echo Comment by D March 2016
  • hnijveen said: Might be interesting for Atom: (sorry in dutch) Athom most probably won't be adding this to Homey due to legal reasons. I think a community app might…