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Homey Plex application - main discussion thread



  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    Hmm.. not sure how to force that update. I set my Homey to experimental now and rebooted.. But I'm still on 32

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    Uncheck the automatic updates. Then you get a button to manually check for an update.
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    Thanks! It's installing now..
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    right, I'm on .35 now. Still works fine here. I am seeing a  --- WARNING: nl.kikkert.plex HAS RECEIVED A CPUWARN (1/15) --- in my console. Never seen that before so I asked @Emile what exactly that means. 

    How large is your PMS library @MennoVanGrinsven ?
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    I think, for now (until I can finish the new version of the app) - the only way I can help you guys that suffer from no media, is for you to pull the latest version from Github and use Athom-cli to put it on your Homey. Than we have full debug available so errors should show pretty clearly in the console. If you're not up to that (which I understand) - I'm afraid you'll need to wait until I have finished the new version (which might take a bit due to other commitments). 

    Also - please make absolutely sure you followed ALL steps in the first post of this thread (You probably have, but still....)
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    @MikeOne define large. 
    Number of items? Size? 
    My PMS library is not small. Size between x- y I think
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    Oh sorry I wasn't clear, I mean the (approx) number of media items..
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
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    So movies and series combined

  • Mostly movies and music 
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    Okay, so how many movies?
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    Around xxx
  • MikeOneMikeOne Member
    Okay, that can't be an issue. Tested on 5000 media items..
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    Do I need to remove the app store install when installing from your git? 
    Nevrrmind got 1.0.5 installed now
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    I'm running Homey 0.8.32 and PMS on my NAS (wd mycloud ex2)

    this is all i can see in the settings:

  • That actually looks pretty good @phil_s. And no media found as well?
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    no, no media found and no "scanning" of anything. or is it just that i can't realise the scanning process?

    but when i think it could be that i don't have a chromecast or pht running and i just use the chromecast driver.
    you mentioned that this could work but i think thats the reason?
  • @MikeOne If I can help you debug this,  let me know. 
  • Well.. You can by installing via athom-cli @MennoVanGrinsven ;
  • You won't actually see any of the scanning @phil_s ;
    do you have a chromecast installed via the devices screen (a plex chromecast device btw, not via the chromecast app)?

    if so, you should see the plex chromecast in the flow screen as device (left column at the bottom). You can drag that device to the right column and then perform a media search..
  • @MikeOne I already installed 1.0.5 through athom-cli
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited June 2016
    @MikeOne okay, sorry my fault. i am very new in this. but i am willing to learn ;-)
     i don't have a chromecast as a piece of hardware, but i thought i could test if it simulates a chromecast with the driver.

    sorry, misunderstood. when i try to add the chromecast it only shows me me philips hue as a addable device because i have no chromecast :-)

    ok, then i will wait if the future brings me the possibility to use my plex server.
    I have a LG Smart TV, Apple TV3 and my NAS WD mycloud with the Plex Server. I can wait.

    but nevertheless: great work @MikeOne sofar! 

    edit: would be my TV  selectable when adding plex as a divice when it is on? because i tested it now from work but my tv is off at home...
  • phbphb Member
    hoi @MikeOne ,  I have 0.8.35 installed  en PMS server  installed on windows 10 P, both up to date
  • Okay @MennoVanGrinsven, what do you see in the console output when you run plex from ahtom-cli?
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    @MikeOne ;;

    --- WARNING: nl.kikkert.plex HAS RECEIVED A CPUWARN (1/15) ---
    PHT Driver init
    players installed 0
    players []

    --- WARNING: nl.kikkert.plex HAS RECEIVED A CPUWARN (1/15) ---
    Chromecast driver init [ { id: 'Woonkamer',   
        ip: '',
        type: 'chromecast',
        name: 'Woonkamer' },
      { id: 'Slaapkamer',
        ip: '',
        type: 'chromecast',
        name: 'Slaapkamer' } ]
    Could not connect to Plex Media Server: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
    Plex server is NOT available

    Port 21458 is strange, because PHS is not listening on port 21458. That the app cannot find any media items is correct. It will never find any because it cannot connect to the server.

    How is the port determined?  Perhaps it can be manually changed?

  • Thanks @MennoVanGrinsven, now we're getting somewhere! The port is a good catch! The app gets this connection information directly from At the moment, you cannot manually change it from the app, however, I'm completely rewritting the settings page at the moment and I was considering also providing an option to manually enter connection details. 

    Give me 10 min and I'll post a URL to you can check. It should show that port for your server. And thinking about it (I hope that is the case), I might have made a mistake that causes the wrong port to be combined with the internal IP it is trying to reach.

    let me do some internal tests.. I'll report back here.
  • Okay @MennoVanGrinsven , open a browser tab, visit and login. Then, open another tab and open - look for your own server (it might also show shared servers) and report back the port it shows there.
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    @MikeOne ;
    F.Y.I. I can reach my PMS with the Plex android App remotely. So should have the correct port number. Otherwise it would not be able to reach my PMS from the mobile network. Oh and i also have the portnumber specified in the PMS settings.
  • Actually, if you don't mind, copy & paste the entire XML node with your server, just remove (or xxxxx) the machineIdentifier attribute.
  • The plex android app works very differently than the Homey app..
  • MikeOne said:
    Okay @MennoVanGrinsven , open a browser tab, visit and login. Then, open another tab and open - look for your own server (it might also show shared servers) and report back the port it shows there.

    That is weird and would never work
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