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Homey Plex application - main discussion thread



  • phbphb Member
    dutch would be nice to in time ;-)
  • Agreed. Need some time to add it..
  • Ahh, yes Movie pause works :)

    But now I have the problem that homey thinks plex has stopped. And it will shut down my receiver. (If: Plex Stops playing.. shutdown the receiver)
    Is it possible to add another "if card"? -If Plex pauses- or something like that? 

    Will it be possible in the future to use a Plex card in the 'then' category? -If I press pause on the remote- -then pause plex- etc.

    by the way: It's a very nice app! I just have a lot of ideas :D   

    PS another really dumb question: If I paused plex, how do I start it again? Start movie, movie start, movie play, play movie don't work.
  • Movie continue, movie start, both should work.

    you are right, the pause action triggers the 'stop' flow. I already fixed that in the version I'm working on. I added an additional 'pause' flow trigger.

    I'm pretty close to releasing the new version in the app store. Contains a lot of changes to the setup and connection procedure and also supports shared servers.
  • jordenjorden Member
    Or create a card to pause, so everyone can add their own trigger to it :)
  • You are.right, I also need to add a pause action..
  • @MikeOne When do you think you'll be able to look at adding flow cards for Play / Stop / Pause (Not triggered by voice).
  • Play and stop is already there, I'm working on Pause and Continue. 
    My focus at the moment is an issue I found in the ChromeCast-api module. This issue is causing the Plex app to sometimes 'loose' the connection to the player - resulting in commands no longer doing anything for CC. I need to do a rewrite of the chromecast-api module itself (so not my actual driver). I might do a release without this fix in the meantime, which contains a lot of stability fixes, beter PMS connection logic and the additional flow cards.
  • @MikeOne, looking forward to the new flow cards for play, stop!
  • mitchmitch Member
    @MikeOne, is there a fix for the "no media found" error coming soon? I know time is an issue for you, just curious. 
  • I hope the new version will fix those issues. I hope to release this new version in a few days. First trying to fix a very flawed ChromeCast module :-)
  • mitchmitch Member
    @MikeOne, thank you sir. Understood
  • Okay... a new version with LOADS of changes and fixes has been submitted for app store review.

    These are the included updates for version 1.1.0:

    • Complete refactor of the settings page
    • Complete refactor of the PMS connection logic
    • Fix for socket hangup errors causing the App to crash
    • Work-around for CPU warnings with very large PMS libraries (needs a proper fix at a later stage)
    • Choose your best connection (now allows you to even choose the network interface if more than one is found)
    • Added realtime debugging to browser console (on the settings page / plex, open your browser console)
    • Addded Shared Server Support (EXPERIMENTAL - especially ChromeCast is tricky)
    • Added translation support to main application and PHT + Chrome drivers
    • Added Support for DUTCH (at least speech, settings page still needs some more work to translate)
    • Tweaks to speech triggers
    • Added speech logic that allows for better movie title targetting bij asking: "I want to watch a movie" ("Ik wil een film kijken") - after which you can provide just the title. Because speech parsing is then much easier, the app can use a smart text indexer to determine best match. It also a more natural way of asking for things (btw - also works for series: "I want to watch a series" - "Ik wil een serie kijken".)
    • FLOWS: added triggers for play, stop, pause and continue
    • FLOWS: added actions for playItem, stop, pause and continue
  • @MikeOne, you rock!
  • Let's hope it gets approved soon :-)
  • phbphb Member
    So  @MikeOne you've been busy Top 

  • Very
  • Great app!! +1000 It could be me, but it also works without external network on. I disabled it, but it still finds my local server!! 
  • @MikeOne ; ..hahahaha "woar kiek ik noar"  Really? Doar hoal ik va'n ;)  

    Is there a way to play my music library also, or is that on your to do list?
  • MarcoWijk said:
    @MikeOne ; ..hahahaha "woar kiek ik noar"  Really? Doar hoal ik va'n ;)  

    Is there a way to play my music library also, or is that on your to do list?
    Homey doesn't understand Twents I'm afraid - kept it there as it was put in one day one of development - easter egg to remind us that Homey was conceived in Twente :-)

    Sorry, music is still on my todo list (which is pretty long :-)). The challenge is that Plex treats music completely differently from video content. Different formats, different hierarchies etc. It would take some time to also implement that.

    As a short (random order) todo list that is planned for  future versions (of the top of my head, I don't have my actual list handy at the moment):

    - Support media continuation (if you have watched a movie half-way for example, Homey will ask if you would like to continue) - this one should be in the next major release for sure.
    - Support multiple players from the same type in flows (pretty hard to do at the moment)
    - Better, more intelligent transcoding support for ChromeCast (and similar devices)
    - Support (the new) Plex Media Player (PMP). I will need to reverse engineer the thing to make that one work.
    - Support smart TV's without the need for a chromecast
    - Support Apple TV (2)
    - Support Music
    - Support Queue
    - Support indexing multiple servers at once (you can only select one server at the moment, but you also might want to use your own plus a friends shared server simultaneously)
    - Support Plex Home and multiple users (really need voice recognition support in Homey for that one). 
    - Build in more intelligent media and speech trigger caching (primarily for performance and memory use).

    I'm sure I forgot a few :-)

    If anyone here is comfortable with using command line stuff, please feel free to install the v1.1.0 version from Github. It might take a few more days before that one is app store approved by the Homey guys.
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    Support Apple TV (3) ;-) Or/and Smart TV(LG) because i do own a chromecast. That would be brillant!!!
  • phil_s said:
    Support Apple TV (3) ;-) Or/and Smart TV(LG) because i do own a chromecast. That would be brillant!!!
    Oh sorry, I meant apple TV 3 of course. So are you already using the app with ChromeCast?
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    sorry @MikeOne i my fault: i do not own a chromecast, so it would be cool to have it working with apple tv 3 or smart tv ;-)
  • Is that in order of priority? (because I'm kind of sad that music support is that far down the list...  :(  )
  • Random order :-)

    Ii'm already experimenting with music support, don't worry..
  • Athom, please approve the app! :)
  • MikeOne said:
    Random order :-)

    Ii'm already experimenting with music support, don't worry..
    Awesome, thanks! 
  • Version 1.1.0 is now available in the app store. Please read the README for instructions.
  • phbphb Member
    @MikeOne  Great job Mike ,installed  the new version from the app store and playing  with it now :)
  • Let me know if you run into any issues okay?
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