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  • Not sure if this update was the problem, but my homey is not responding at all. The ring shows no color, removing power, shaking, etc. doesn't help. Yesterday morning I had no problems. Any suggestions?
  • Just saw this topic, interesting as I have been working on my own dashboard these last couple of days. Because I stopped working with my homey since a couple of months, this dashboard is listening to a mqtt bus and the data is collected with a set o…
  • Doesn't seem to work. I created an issue:
  • Nice. Would love to have a send all option.  I use Mosca. A simple and fast mqtt broker written in nodejs. You can run it as a standalone service or embed it into your node application
  • Some kind of start/stop or debounce trigger would be useful. e.g a trigger that notifies that movement has been detected (start) and also triggers when it has been more than X min/sec since the last movement (stop). We could use this to detect if …
  • Nice! I will give it a try and let you know. I probably gonna need some kind of repeater for the 433 signal. 
  • People from Athom: which version are you using? I still have the same issue with this doorbell.
  • Was just paring the Alecto to the Homey. It was recognized very quickly and appears in the devices list. But when I add it to a new flow. Nothing happened. I tried the button 'pressed' and 'released' event. I'm running Homey 0.8.17 and using this do…
  • Yes, most of the video's Homey is triggered using 'Hey Homey', but the voice training interface suggests 'OK Homey'. After update 0.8.17 voice training seems to work better, but I still get a lot false positives. e.g when I call my son ('Hey Floris'…
  • @kasteleman Using domoticz + Aeotec Z-Stick S2 I can use all buttons separately. I see them as different devices (switches)
  • @LeonVanDerRee Instead of starting the controller Shift on your homey, you should trigger the Inclusion on your homey. That worked for me
  • This is what I'm seeing in Domoticz:  If I take a look in the Control Panel of OpenZwave I see the following list: I use the Power (W) to determine the state of a device (e.g. for home ventilation, washing machine). Would like to make some app…
  • @taco updated to 0.8.17. Z-Wave devices are appearing  :-) Would be nice if the main UI would have some more info (e.g. kWh usage, light on/of, temperature, etc.) and perhaps some interaction capabilities (switch on/off)  I noticed that for the Gr…
  • Fire69 said: Had to look a bit too before I could add a device. It's not in Settings. Just go to your devices, click the + and select your Homey.  A menu will open where you can select BT, IR and Zwave  Thnx! Stupid me  
  • kasteleman said: @ArnoudDeJong : what usb zwave controller do you have? Is it z-wave plus? Otherwise controllershift could be tricky. I have the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, so that should work
  • Julian Went to ISE yesterday, played with the NEEO and talked to the guys. Really impressive. High quality look & feel, not sure about the flexibility/'tweakability' of the interface. Could imagine that it is a great companion for the Homey 
  • Just configured my rasp.pi2 to work with a button using the following instructions: It is working, but installation is NOT straight forward and pairing the flic's took me several…
  • Hoping to receive mine soon. Let's see if it will beat the Homey i can see how they can work together. E.g in different rooms, looking forward for app to support it
  • MarcoVanDenHout said: Just received a heads-up to check my delivery address I received one as well :-)
  • Emile said: ArnoudDeJong said: Maybe a little bit offtopic, but will you support scenes for Philips Hue? Would be nice that Homey could learn scenes, where you can setup all the colors your self (using your own apps) and Homey saves …
  • Maybe a little bit offtopic, but will you support scenes for Philips Hue? Would be nice that Homey could learn scenes, where you can setup all the colors your self (using your own apps) and Homey saves the state as a scene, which could be triggered …