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  • Voted months ago, but seeing the lack of any form of communication from Shortcut Labs, I doubt that 120 people will convince them...  :(
  • I send them a mail with the direct question if they would like to help support it or aren't interrested.
    Asked for a swift reply so the Homey community will know if they will buy Flics or go for something else.

  • OK, hopfully you'll get an answer within a month. And if you do, could you ask them if they could find some time to answer my mails?
  • I am in contact with someone from them over Linkedin, but they just referred to their Android SDK for now. I indicated what we are looking for instead after that, so let's hope ;).
  • Stefan said:
    I am in contact with someone from them over Linkedin, but they just referred to their Android SDK for now. I indicated what we are looking for instead after that, so let's hope ;).
    Thank you Stefan. It's much appreciated!!!!!! 
  • Sounds good! Hope he knows what node.js means and not only andoid and ios
  • Just voted on their site
  • Raspberry Pi is supported now so i guess Homey support should also be easy

  • Pretty cool idea. Now that CES is over, I hope they'll have more time for development & answering emails!
  • They replyed almost same day at a twitter i send. with. Raspberry pi support id dont think so,  If theres no download it did not happen !
    Within a day they answered , soon its comming soon.
    My swift reply within a minute about , When homey stayed unanswered.......
  • @Stefan This was just released few hours ago.
    Is this something you guys can work with ?

  • Guess it's personal then  :D

  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited January 2016
    Come on everybody, please vote. Even if you dont have a button (yet) every product that supports it makes it stronger.

    You only need to fill in your (or just a) mail adres and give it 3 votes its a 2 second procedure

  • Voted ;-)
  • Done
  • @Stefan did there come anything out of youre contact with Flic ?
    I now also have a conversation with Flic Support but i did not asked anything about Homey yet because i dont want to come between something that already might be in progress.
  • I am in touch with them, but their reaction time is.... not really fast. Any mention or question from customers will bring up Homey again, so generally that is not a negative thing (if you just politely ask, it will never hurt).
  • they are in th process of taking on new personel. last week they added 2 and 4 more will start in the next weeks. so i hope reaction time will speed up. Just orderd 25 more flics next to the 25 i already have. hope as a somebit large customer i can rumble a bit. especialy because i asked a quote for 100
  • 50 pushbuttons? Are you making a keyboard?
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited February 2016
    reselling them in NL ' but also have 15 in my house.
    Kids got a couple in there beds , when there scared they can punch one of 3 for a light effect/color. Its there shield for scary stuff .
    Son has one in the living room to start his disco music and turn on the hue disco app. (he is 5 years). Got one in our cars to open garage doors and so on and so on. Its just a nice simpel handy dandy button. 

    Only bad thing is that theres a android phone on charger in a cabinet doing noting buut act as bluetooth gateway for flics . ahwell it was there doning noting for a year
  • Just configured my rasp.pi2 to work with a button using the following instructions:

    It is working, but installation is NOT straight forward and pairing the flic's took me several tries. They are still working on the SDK, so hopefully it will be a little bit easier in the future.

    I'm getting events in my python script, so I could imagine that it could trigger Homey flows (e.g. using http calls or mqtt events) 
  • Nice, did not have the time yet to play with the linux sdk.
    But for homey it would be lame to use a raspb as gateway because homey had native bluetooth. 
    I am so disapointed in myself i did not keep up my programming skills last 10 years,
    It sounds like realy easy to get flic connected. 3 simpel basic bluetooth commands. push, two push, long push. 
    Maybee once i get to the age i go to on eldershome i get the time to pick up quantum folding programming again :)
  • mruiter said:
    reselling them in NL ' but also have 15 in my house.
    Are you already reselling them in NL. Shipping takes weeks if I order through their website so this may be a nice option for me.
  • Had a batch of 100 pieces, all gone :(
    Shipping is not the real problem. Its a small bunch of people.

    The money they got from there fund reasing was exacly the money they needed. So there working Production on a as it goes making and assembling them as orders come in.

    Waiting for a next batch , but i guess is will be there same time as if you would order a pack right now.

    But we still need more votes for Homey support, so everybody vote please.
    Make this world a Homey World :

  • What protocol does flic uses? Are there any specs? Does it require native extensions? Because Homey does not allow to run native code from third party apps.
  • Bluetooth, so it should be a default bluetooth stack command from a debice id.
    Push button, botton pushed twice , button pushed 3 times , button pushed long time.
    That is about it i guess and homey is gona have bluetooth in a few updates from now i guess
  • Is the range on bluetooth not bad..? I would love those thins as zwave device. 
  • Vote done........
  • and another vote, dont have any flic buttons but like the idea.

    for z-wave i have the following remote controller:
    (4 buttons with 16 possible combinations),  magnetic so you can stick it at the fridge door.

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