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ZME_WALLC-S: Z-Wave Secure Wall Controller

Has anyone had any luck with the z-wave ZME_WALLC-S controller? ( I can add it, but it presents itself as a sensor/lock/other, but whatever I choose I'm not able to use one of the 4 buttons in the flow editor. 


  • @ArnoudDeJong: is it the first time you use the ZME or did it work in a previous setup with another controller? They are very picky. I only got it working with direct association with devices, never with by pressing a button through the controller (using a usb controller).
  • @kasteleman Using domoticz + Aeotec Z-Stick S2 I can use all buttons separately. I see them as different devices (switches)
  • @ArnoudDeJong Never got that working, but not using domoticz. A lot off issues on the web about that.
    Personally i think that Taco has a lot to do at this moment (reading the other topics...)
    @Taco Any ideas on this one?
  • I did a quick search so don't quote me on this ;) It seems this device only send out controlling commands. So you can use it to switch other devices directly by setting up associations. You can't use this device to control Homey.
  • @Taco That is how i'm using it at this moment. Setting up associations can be done from within Homey interface?
    Sorry if this is obviously, don't have a Homey yet, so can''t look into the gui
  • Yes you can setup the associations using Homey.
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