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  • @mruiter Interesting response. He was quite clear when he told that he was not going to use my code because it was easier If he did it himself, and besides that, why would I continue developing the app If I knew it I wouldn't get used or implement…
  • Hi guys, I've got some bad news. For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on the homey skill. I'm currently at a stage where Alexa can automatically discover homey devices, and perform basic operations which works beautifully. In order for …
  • @rtna Thanks!
  • It looks like the remotes don't use a unique code to control one specific controller, which basically means that you cannot target a specific controller when you use more then one rgb controller. Is there anyone who can confirm this? 
  • Unfortunately not. I'm currently using hardcoded auth data linked to my homey. 
  • @McVit I'm very glad you find this Alexa Skill useful and how very considerate of you to think of donating Of course I didn't make this with monetary gain in mind, but if anyone feels inclined to donate, the link is right here.…
  • I wrote an app that works but isn't finished. Anyone who like to finish it? 
  • Hi! Sorry for letting you guys wait. I finished optimising the code, I'm going to add some extra capabilities this week and will then hand over the code to Emile to integrate it into the existing Homey skill.  
  • Me and my friend are currently working on writing app for it. Will keep you posted! 
  • @lubbertkramer Is de app die ontwikkeld is gebasseerd op het modbus protocol?
  • @vaderag I've no experience with HA Bridge. Alexa fetches the devices paired with homey based on their capabilities. after installing the skill discovery takes place which fetches all the devices. Virtual devices can be used as well to trigger flow…
  • Good news!  I the last 3 weeks i've been working on a Homey Skill that uses Alexa native speech to control devices on Homey. It is implemented using Alexa smart home API and Athoms web API. Currently only onoff and dim capability are supported but …
  • The logs show that devices are added. On the server side there is no message at all. On the app side it returns an error saying that it couldn't add Homey. I'm using the api-old branch and I don't have mi-lights. The app log before and after I try…
  • I cannot get it to work. It does show up in the ios app, but when try to add it i gets stuck at the loading screen. The app logs show that the server is running. Any idea?
  • The nodejs driver will be tested with 0.9.1 on monday. If everything is ok i expect it to become online monday
  • @Jon  Great! Can you still send me your logs? 
  • @Jon ; Did a powercycle solve your problem? Can you send me the logs? (Homey settings->system->send log)
  • I have been very busy the last couple of months which gave me no time for any side projects. Regarding the modbus app, when looking at my spare time for the upcoming months i don't think there is any time left for developing this app, as soon as i s…
    in Modbus/TCP Comment by Reinier July 2016
  • @RickDoorakkers  Could you please send me a log of your Homey? You can find the "send log" button in the settings->system tab.
  • @Moek  Are you still experiencing any problems after updating to 0.8.24? 
  • @GeurtDijker  I've looked into it and noticed the kaku app crashes. My colleague will look into it. 
  • Guys, I first want to say that you guys are doing a pretty good job testing and helping me fix this issue! I've looked into it and it seems that the problem arises when sending long signals following by a reception event(For example, some noise).…
  • @JurgenVanDeRijke  This problem appears when de microcontroller crashes when sending. When this happens the 433 carrier stays high causing communication problems with other 433 devices. I did a lot of testing yesterday and it looks like the instabil…
  • @JurgenVanDeRijke ; Thanks for your feedback I'm currently working on some stability issues. it looks like i've fixed the problem.
  • I've just want to let you guys know that the Somfy app has been updated. It should now be possible to communicate with somfy devices if you have version 0.8.20
  • @JurgenVanDeRijke  Found the problem! The Somfy app has not been updated yet. I expect it will be updated today  
  • @JurgenVanDeRijke ;; I'm aware of a bug which causes communication issues with the mcu, the problem arises on some homeys. have you also tried to pair or control other remote switches/remotes? Have you already tried to turn it off or on again?
  • @Uranday  Have you already tried to pair it with one of the doorbell apps? a lot of doorbells use the same encoding chips. for example, i bought a doorbell from the action and successfully paired it with the Alecto app
  • After several tests we now can confirm that we've solved the range problems. The fix will probably be patched in 0.8.19.