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  • I can confirm this, much much more better as the Danalock, it never been happends since 6 Months with connection failures, very lucky and stable. Here in Germany we can do Close and open with Alexa too. 
  • Crappy Bug, i didnt can't add my Hue Lights again after some clean some flows etc. In the pairing window i see my Hue bridge and then  click to next and now were the inkluding Site is  from the lights then didnt happend anything. Restart Homey Delet…
  • Seien wir mal ehrlich, in naher Zukunft wird es nicht ohne 2 Gateaways gehen, alexa schaltet wunderbar Hue Lampen, kann aber ohne Umwege keine Z-Wave Geräte steuern und man kann keine Regeln mit alexa anlegen. Das Problem ist doch einfach das es KE…
  • Ja die sitzen im Moment mit Arbeit zu, erstmal Baustellen abbauen, nunja man muss es ja einfach so sehen das die nicht das Geld und Manpower wie Google oder Amazon haben. Da heißt es Geduld. Toll wäre es wenn der Deutsche Alexa Skill kommen würde
  • Hm...only for the UK Skill Store? In Germany is no Homey Skill
  • I have backed Bonjour, thats a very amazing Thing. 
  • Yes that was a good idea, @BasVanDenBosch  i hope Athom can send us a test Software with german language
  • I dont can believe that Wink produce a EU Product for us. Nothing since then Wink produce Smart Home Products is ever released in the European. 
  • I make an Applet for my Ring Doorbell that homey notification me when the doorbell is pushed,  but i have a massive delay,sometimes the notification comes 5-10 Minutes later. Thats the Problem fom Iftt and Ring together,  not from Athom. I used Iftt…
  • Anyone neat venlo are here? 
  • Thats the question that ive asked for a time ago, i think we needed a presence sensor , but i dont have see anyone in the Z-Wave World only for normal standard light Installations. 
  • Yes? I didnt receive any shipment email for the prota box , Naran have asked me if i wish to change the colour to black, i write yes but no confirmation email. I have to write a email now what is happend. Please report how is the Prota Box . Thanks,…
  • I hope somebody can say what is better with nuki, because my Danalock sucks so many. Shit App and the lock is now RIP. 
  • The Sugru are coming with the Prota Box together this Month..  But why do you have become only one Push? . . . I dont understand . Which colour you have buyed? And works the one good what do you have received? 
  • For me is a flow with a Motion Sensor the most nessesary thing what have to build in a flow, what i mean a flow *as long as motion * we seat in our couch in the living room and the lights are still on how long you are in the Room. So usefull. Thanks
  • Yes i did order the prota box as well. Now the Microbots are listed on too. I hope i become the box till mid or end of October
  • So here is a Video from the push:
  • So today i was surprised that the Microbots are coming with post after days without Tracking Update, since Customs are theyre no Updates coming so thats normaly.First lock, all Good it works fine and smooth. Only now i missing the Prota Box because …
  • @jorden have you become a new Tracking Number for NL. My package shows at the tracking site still says 16:03 22-Sep-2016INCHEONFlight number : KE905 How are goes your Tracking at the moment? 
  • For me that was a nice app,here in Germany is Fritzbox are the mostly buyed router:) 
  • My Microbots are shipped  at Wednesday, Now i dont become Tracking Updates, i think that are the Microbots are now in Germany, i hope  that the customs thing are going right. When all its fine i think that can i execpted the. Microbots next Week
  • Can we execpted to Support the Lightify  GU 10 too? I have 10 Spots in my kitchen and i would to like to integrated in the Osram Bridge because i have reach 50 Hue Bulbs in my House:) 
  • Oh damn, thanks @BasVanDenBosch i have changed 2 and 1 thanks 
  • My Motion Sensor didnt work only @night, i have set parameter 8,2,1; what do i wrong? The sensor works every time. 
  • nice jordan:))) @msmits i have seen a comment were they are write that is possible to touch touchscreens withs the microbots.when i find the article then i post it.
  • I hope that my microbots shipped next week to me,would like to have anyone one microbot to develop for an app maybe? 
  • I had the same at the first time, ive reboot my bridge because my lights are not reachable over the hue app, before last week it runs, last week phillips do an update, this was maybe the Problem 
  • i am blind or why i dont cant find in the fibaro app the parameter settings? i dont see anything to change the parameter for my motion sensors
    in Homey v0.9.1 Comment by brot84 July 2016
  • No, homey can control z-wave actors himself without other Gateaways. Phillips hue needs the phillips bridge, in the Future maybe homey can control hue lamps without the bridge. You may have to say what do you mean with others specally, than we can s…
  • @burner: you can use it for all devices with a button, look into your house,  washing machine, dumb Full automatic Coffee Machines i think it gives many scenarios who you can use this microbot fingers