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  • Last version, update interval of 15 minutes. I think it is homey. But i cannot find a log to see if there are any errors. Homey version 1.5.9
  • Hi, every day the measurements of Flora sensors stops. I reboot Homey everyday during the night and then it works for a few hours. Does anybody have this?
  • Sad .... Instead of keeping promisses no update and a closed beta
  • - no - no I had the same. Switched to another controller and problem was gone. I guess it has something to do with the homey software. If  look here or on github you see more people with these types of issues. For me it started when i updated to .18
  • Can you save the settings of the device again and see if it solves the issue.
  • Or google translate enabled in the browser.
  • hmm, removed neeo as sec. controller and saved/overwrote some energy measuring devices and traffic "normal". Lets see if the ghost switches also stop
  • Wow, it's insane. So much traffic from specific nodes. It's so much I hardly can get the network topology to load. It times out all the time. 
  • Logged in from work: my power measuring devices seems to update very often. Which also happened after the update of 1.5.8. I then changed settings to do less updates. Tonight I'll see if settings changed (again) and if changing measuring settings fi…
  • Hmm, had this behaviour also when I updated to 1.5.8. I'll check my log tonight if I see similar behaviour.
  • Since the update three of my z-wave devices seems to turn on and off randomly. I disabled all related event and Added logging at device change, but when they switch I dont see it in logging.  I will look into the packets if that is related. Could h…
  • Hmnm. I will keep using the rest interface then. Tnx
  • Thanks! I see a lot of "cloud" in the code. Does this this connecto to the cloud or directly to homey?
  • I guess for me the first step is to see how he did it with alexa:
  • I have similar issues. I would like to to use the webapi bit fail in the first step. Using the library on the webbpage. How do i bind it to the Window. If i have that working id probably be able to figure it out. If someone could share a code exampl…
  • ErikVanDongen said: Phaeton said: I searched for timeout but couldn't find the answer. I use the "and" for a get code card and my value is 200. I run a series of events when the call returns a 200. I would like to run an "else"  statem…
  • I searched for timeout but couldn't find the answer. I use the "and" for a get code card and my value is 200. I run a series of events when the call returns a 200. I would like to run an "else"  statement when the call timeouts. I hoped returning no…
  • ok. In my case my network was overflowing. Maybe you can download a logger and see if there is one or more devices pushing a lot of messages on the z-wave network? If that is the case let them send less updates ?
  • bvdbos said: It's not a workaround, it's finding the cause of issues in your zwave-network Yes, I shared it because it could help people finding the cause of an issue. It could very well be that the plugs already had this behaviour b…
  • I have investigated my zwave network. I found two fibaro switches which where updating the energy status multiple times/second. Settings seemed right. I resetted the devices and now they stopped doing it. Hope this helps. But the suggestion to look …
  • Did you try to heal battery devices? This doesn't work.
  • Dat denk ik niet. Ik zie hetzelfde gebeuren met V1. Ik zie veel signalen dat het niet goed gaat met Fibaro (Z-Wave) icm 1.5.8. 
  • I use Fibaro (v1) devices too. Could it be that the new way handling affects first version Fibaro devices?
  • bvdbos said: If you have a reproducible issue then GH is the best place. For the rest, please try to heal your network first (only powered devices and give them some time). Also, take a look at the zwave-log to see what's happening. Try to figu…
  • The refuse to listen makes sense. My lights for example dont always turn off. I could check homey to see the motion status if i encounter a light that stayed on. Is github the best way to report my issues?
  • And z-wave is unstable. Its weird. 1.5.3 was very stable with regards to z-wave. Now things are on and off unstable. Sometimes snappy, sometimes very slow. I have a lot of motion sensors which trigger events. Could it be that it the events are slowe…
  • I had the same. I manually added the adress of homey to the nuki doorlock through the API of the doorlock. This worked out fine. Instructions where somewhere in this thread. plugin works fine now.
  • juuldk said: Phaeton said: Phaeton said: Homeseer is older and has more users. It has way way more integrations. So that comparison is not fair. I come from homeseer. I Ioved it, but it required more scripting, the interface w…