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[APP] Kodi [2.2.0]



  • Amelsfort said:
    I'm having troubles with the resume and stop events. I have flows for when Kodi starts playing, pauses, resumes, stops and closes which all write to the log, but I never see any logs about resuming and stopping. The other events work fine, but those don't.

    Btw. I'm running Kodi 18 nightly.


    Could you submit a log? Please make sure the weird behaviour has occurred before submitting the log.
  • EvertorN said:
    olive said:
    Hi @EvertorN,

    Did you read my post?

    Hi @olive

    I think the problem is that the addon actually plays something on Kodi in order to play the themesongs. So Kodi thinks something starts playing and fires the 'play something' event.

    In order to be sure, please submit a log (instructions somewhere in the last few pages of this thread). Then I can also think of a workaround you could build in your flows, because I don't think I can do anything about this from an app perspective.

    Hi, i send you a log, can you please look into this. I also have some troubles with resume, pause and stop it dont fires my flows with my lamps. Thanks
  • @Amelsfort,

    Hi, do you still have the problems, because i have the same trouble.
  • olive said:
    Hi @EvertorN,

    First sorry for my english.
    Little problem, i have a addon on kodi tv melodies, this plays a soundtrack from the movie folder when you search in your kodi library and here comes the problem. I have two triggers, the first one is when kodi plays a movie the lights go off and the second one is when kodi stopped a movie the lights go on. The problem is when i go in my library and go from movie to another the lights go on/off. Can you please help me. Ah i forgott cheers again for the great work, best regards from germany.

    Can you also look into this problem. Sorry if I bombard you with my problems and thanks for your help.
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