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Use/Integrate of Xiaomi - "Mi Smart Home Kit" sensors. (Zigbee Protocol)

captkiwicaptkiwi Member
edited December 2015 in Ideas & Suggestions

XIAOMI is a very popular brand in China they have good high quality products for very low prices, that makes them so popular in China.

Currently i have this Mi Smart Home Kit at home, its software is limited but the wireless sensors are really nice.

They all work on the Zigbee protocol.

Iam willing to give/loan these sensors to the Athom development team if there is interest !

There are different sensors:

  • Intelligent Human Sensor - 12 euro (PIR detect Humans & Pets by temperature)
  • Windows/Door sensor - 10 euro ( Real-time sensing switch status )
  • Wireless Switch/Button sensor - 10 euro (Remote control devices)

The sensors have the Features:

  • nice Design
  • low in battery consumption / long operational time
  • a good range up to 22 meters
  • very small and easy to install/hide
  • no cables
  • they are cheap 10 - 12 euro.


Wireless PIR sensor

Wireless Magnet Switch

Wireless Switch/Button



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