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[App] Xiaomi-mi ZigBee - Main discussion topic (v0.3.0)

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Xiaomi-mi Smart Home (Zigbee)

This app adds support for the Smart Home devices made by Xiaomi Smart Home Devices working on the Zigbee protocol.

Community support to enable further extending the device support of this app:

As explained in this comment, I'm asking for community support to be able to further extend the device support of this app
The following sequential goals have been set:

1. Add support for the Aqara Curtain Controller (incl. small tracks): received
contributors: @Homey_lampje@EDV, Jahn, @mehta@Martin_vd_Aart@phil_s@eternity@Aaron@brtw@2Be 

2. Add support for both the Xiaomi Mijia smoke and gas detector:  received
contributors: @Homey_lampje@mehta

3. Add support for the Aqara smart door lock set: received
contributors: @ruudvb, Jan, @sprut

4. Investigate if Aqara cam gateway can be used directly with Homey (Zigbee based): received
contributors: @djesko

5. Add support for the Aqara wireless switch with Gyroscopereceived and implemented in v0.3.0
contributors: Toon

6. Investigate if the Aqara Lock core can be used in directly with Homey: received (by @kasteleman)
contributors: @anjo

All goals have been achieved! Thank you all who contributed!

Contribute by making a paypal contribution


Supported devices

Note: Other devices are work in progress, at different stages of implementation: see readme of GitHub on actual status.

Installation note: the Xiaomi (non Aqara) range of devices need to be manually kept awake during in the inclusion; keep pressing the button once every 5 seconds until inclusion has finshed.

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch


This app and driver development has been supported by:


Any requests please post them in the Xiaomi-mi Zigbee topic on the Athom Forum or contact me on Slack    
If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.     

Change Log:

v 0.3.0
* Add support for Aqara Wireless switch with Gyro (product type no: WXKG12LM)
Note: Switches with this type no. that were included before will need to be re-included in order to work properly
* Replaced old scene trigger cards with autocomplete cards to fix reported issues
Note: The old (marked DEPRECATED) cards will be removed in a next release; please rebuild your flows based on the new cards
Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.12

v 0.2.4
* Fix issue where Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single init results in app crash, issue #46

v 0.2.3
* Updated app dependency to latest Stable Homey Software release (>= 1.5.7)
* Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.7
* Add support for the Xiaomi Cube rotation angle (and relative angle) capability, fix issue ##29
* Add additional ID's for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double, fix issue #20)
* Add additional ID's for Aqara Wireless Switch, fix issue #38)
* Fix issue where unsupported options are presented in the trigger card of the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single, related to #37

v 0.2.2
* Update relative link in readme.md to direct link (Homey apps compatible) for the Xiaomi Cube device readme
* Update app manifest for supported Devices

v 0.2.1
* Add support for Xiaomi Cube (Slide, Shake, Double Tap, Rotate (action, not angle yet), Flip 90°, Flip 180°) see device readme for details
   note: Cubes included based on previous development builds need to be re-included

v 0.2.0
* Add support for Smart socket plug ZigBee edition (onoff, measure_power)
* Add support for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double (onoff)
* Add support for Aqara Smart Socket ZigBee Version (onoff, measure_power)
* Add explicitly in app title dependency on Homey SW release (>= 1.5.4)


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