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New shipment date for Homey?



  • Their business is their business and not ours. Of course forum is also for expressing opinions but could we get back to the topic. Almost a week has elapsed would like to see some solid update.
  • Emile said:
    It is what it is. Thanks for the update. :heart:  :smile: 
  • RoelCollignonRoelCollignon Member
    edited January 2016
    Vincent said:
    Emile said:
    It is what it is. Thanks for the update. heart  smile 
    Louis would say: Hasty rush is seldom good. :heart: 

  • Louis would say: Hasty rush is seldom good. :heart: 

    Eerlijk gezegd denk ik dat Louis' versie zou zijn "Hasty speed is seldom good.", maar de gedacht klopt  ;)   <3
  • 250/40=6.25  <3
  • Marcof, im having fun with your mindset change! I don't get your calculation? What do you calculate?  <3  ;)
  • That's quite obvious, unit must be [#Homeys produced/hour] :smile: 
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited January 2016
    Production stopped because it was low (<10-30/hour) and the are now on a pretty good optimized rate of 6.25 units an hour.

    I'm totally lost it.... (34 years ago)

  • The irony.... 
  • Oh the old Marco is back, the aliens has left. :wink: 

    Marco, can I boil up your emotions? Your calculation is wrong, the value is too high. If it takes more than two weeks to manufacture the Geek batch (430pcs), given that they work only in one shift would be:
    430pcs/10working days/8 hours=5.37 :lol:

    Just for you with love. :heart: 
  • LoL :heart:

    Holy crap on a cracker....  :'(
  • If... You produce 40hrs a week :smile: 
  • MarcoF said:
    Production stopped because it was low (<10-30/hour) and the are now on a pretty good optimized rate of 6.25 units an hour.

    I'm totally lost it.... (34 years ago)

    I think you may have overlooked some facts. 10-30 Homeys/hour was the former test and flash duration, which is the last step of the production process. 250 Homeys/week is not just for testing, but includes the entire manufacturing process.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited January 2016
    Yeah Harry. Do they have a strike planned? Do they have planned ski holiday? Are they vaccinated against flu? Anyway why am I using plural? The factory is always full of life on those photos. :smiley:  
    Well Emile don`t have those `far eastern young in age labour force` delivered in those brown semi hard small in size shipping containers. So bad that comment has been removed.
    Oh it is better to leave these to Marco, he is very entertaining. :heart: 
  • Strike? Maybe!  ;)

    No, i just thought the company that builds Homey might have more customers, which might also want to use the production line. 
  • I was just messing. :wink: Yes, probably you are right they could not provide enough resources. And from the explanation Jeroen gave it sounds like the individual phases are not yet happening parallel. According to the pictures they have the PCBs, casings, NFC units so it only the assembling-flashing-packaging.

  • Ah ok! 

    I can expect homey's need to be produces/manufactured.
    Would be great if the could assemble themselves :naughty: 
    1 homey made by hand,
    That one homey makes another homey,
    Those two homey's makes two other homey's,
    Those four homey's makes four other homey's,

    So last week it were software bugs that stopped production and now its the production line that's producing 6-7 Homey's an hour. 

    I could expect Athom made production agreements on how many hours the produce a day/week.
    80 hour's production a week will result in 2 employees work 100% or 3 employees for 70% on the Homey production line.

    Fact; production is at a low rate of 6-7 homey/hour

    1000 / 40 / 6 = 4.2 weeks to produce the 1000 Kickstarter homeys
    1 week past, so 3 week to go for the (super)early badge, so end of February. End that's almost 2 year since I made my pledge :smiley: 

    Thanx for laughing :mrgreen: 

    :heart: to all of you!! 
  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
    edited January 2016

     "Speculations, damned speculations and statistics"

    Seriously why don't we get clear communication? This thread is getting so off railed because there is no clear communication!

    Edit: Oops, forgot the obligatory <3

  • because there is no clear communication!

    It's not very often, but it's very clear to me. What don't you understand? I'm not saying you don't have more questions, but from what is said what don't you understand? I'm sure this loving community will help explain things. :heart: 

  • I think speculation is perfectly understandable. For years you had to believe in a predicted delivery time what always has failed. Now have the ability to calculate to get a more realistic estimate than ever before. I reserve my delivery speculation till the whole 430pcs Geek batch will be dispatched. Than we will know the true production speed. 

  • Emile said:
    Production is going pretty good! We're still optimizing to make it faster, but at least we can produce continuously :-) Next week I'll have new shipping estimates ready, because then we know the real production speed.

    Enjoy your weekend y'all!

    @Emile Perhaps you can update the rest of the estimates as well? Sadly enough i'm not a geek backer and our community (me aswell) is starting to speculate the new dates which is wrong. My wife and colleages keeps asking me, when do you receive your Homey. I have multiple (big company) colleages which are interested in Homey aswell, but they want to see Homey in action first at my house.. Still remember when i said "I will receive it in august 2015:# <3

  • I'm amazed by the amount of complaints about communication and delivery. One of the reasons I have preordered is the decent amount of communication.

    I have backed NEEO on Kickstarter, and they made a shipping estimation date of May 2015. Until now they haven't provided a new shipping estimation other than soon™.

    Within a few weekt most of you Will receive a homey, thats what i call soon.  <3
  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
    edited January 2016

    So your standards about communication are clearly lower than others. There are forum members that share your standards and others that don't. If I was running a business I would make sure everybody feels satisfied, not just some.

  • Kan het niet laten na al dat gespeculeer over MM.....dit kan alleen maar betekenen dat moment u zeer dichtbij komt. Voordat we weer verschillende theorieen erop los laten:  <3 Athom

  • @kasteleman Yes, and that's exactly what worries me, together with that MediaMarkt announcement. If it will take them 4 weeks to produce the GeekBackers, another 4 weeks for the rest of the Backers and then another 8 for the Pre-Orders... How on earth can they "deliver soon" via retail channels.

    Also, we all seem very happy now about that fact that they are producing at a given rate. However, @Emile said 250 units a week. I do remember the estimates used to be 500 a week... (around Xmas). But there was a bug, and now this is solved... but still half the production rate.

    Communication does exist and I do believe the guys at Athom are doing their best and I sincerely hope they succeed! But communication could be much, much better and clearer.
  • kastelemankasteleman Member
    edited January 2016
    @PimBliek I understand. But have you ever seen the announcements of Fibaro? A year or so has passed, but still no doorbell  p Aeotec is no different, the 6in1 sensor. But apart off that, i wanted to say: not again a complete discussion that this is going to be the start off the end etc etc. Thumbs up for Athom!
  • I am a pre-order guy and I am not so sure that I will actually get a Homey before MM does... Just saying...
  • theohesse said:
    I am a pre-order guy and I am not so sure that I will actually get a Homey before MM does... Just saying...
    Starting to think the same
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Don't worry guys, we promised that every pre-order will get their Homey before any retailer and we still stand by that promise.

    We're going to retail when Homey is ready for retail.
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