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  • I asked this question also once on slack. The answer was that the map is not reliable and if the devices work, you can ignore the map. You can remove the unknown device through settings page and then the z-wave section. To identify which device thi…
  • Just installed 1.2 rc9 and managed to revive the lamps by pressing the button on the bridge. U have to add a new lamp and then press the button on the hue bridge. Homey then says that there are no new lights. After that the lights are available agai…
  • I have the same after the update to 1.2.0 rc8. All lights are unreachable. Tried the following - Reboot - Ptp - Restart Hue app
  • 433 range is OK here. I have sockets on the attic that work OK. I had hope that the z wave range would be better. I have 3 neo plugs on the ground floor and three on the first floor. The ones on the first floor don't work and two of three on the gro…
  • Gearbest coupon code: TWITTER 8% off
  • I got the same this morning. I revived the lights by pressing the button on the bridge. I have Bridge 2.0
  • @RobinBolscher Is the Toon app gonna be updated soon with insight about the gas and electricity usage? Or is the Eneco APi still 'brak'. The connection with the Toon Api has improved this week I think.It doesnt reconnects that much
  • pkaak said: @HarmLutjeboer ah.. werkt het op die manier Denk dat dat wel zou moeten werken. (dat mis ik een beetje bij Homey, een pagina waar dit soort dingen goed uitgelegd staan) Dan nog een stomme vraag, hoe krijg ik de temp tag in de logic…
  • Same here power plugs are OK on GearBest, but the door sensors are not EU. Four days and counting busy with gear best customer support to send the door sensor back.
  • Also never crashed here.I use only 2 flows to switch on and off. 
  • @MarcelKuijper can you tell more about the final results of your test? 
  • HarmLutjeboer said: fiek said: - The gas meter doesn't show the correct value, the value is zero - The electric meter doesn't show correct, the value is 0.0.4 KwH I think it's a measurement witch start the moment you connect the Toon to h…
  • @Robin Here some feedback: - Temp value is correct - The gas meter doesn't show the correct value, the value is zero - The electric meter doesn't show correct, the value is 0.0.4 KwH
  • Hallelujah !!!!!!
  • @glije thnx but unfortunately I still get false positives during the night. I have set both my phones to WiFi always on. I still use an extra condition so I dont get notifications during the night. I have set the delay on 900 in smart presence
  • @MarcelKuijper I use the smart presence app and I thought the delay was built in the app. Or am I mistaken?
  • BasVanDenBosch said: What might have worked was  thdisabeling and re-enabeling the app, did you try that? I also tried that, what I noticed was that the lamps became available for one second and then they lost the connection. 
  • Has anybody meanwhile solved the home and away status during the night? Both our phones are set to keep the wifi connection alive, still we get away and home messages during the night. I added a condition that during the night i don't get any messag…
  • I just reinstalled the Hue app on Homey and added the lights  and everything is working again. Now I have to adjust my flows. Hope this is the last time I reinstall those lights.
  • @glijie thnx but I already tried that multiple times, but there is no hue bridge found. Also the homey logger doesn't log anything concerning the Hue lights. Tried everything so I am gonna remove the app and install the lights again
  • @BasVanDenBosch i will install the homey logger tonight. The Hue bridge has a dhcp reservation. The IP is still the same 
  • After the update of the Homey Hue app where Homey polls the Hue bridge every 5 second. I didn't have any problems with lights being unreachable, but since yesterday all my lights are unreachable again. The Philips Hue app on my phone works. I tried …
  • My phlips Hue lights work flawlessly now with the flows that I made. I sometimes use the build in command 'zet alle lampen uit' and that one doesn't work very well. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
    in Philips Hue Comment by fiek January 2017
  • Maybe @Athom can respond to the question. The negative value keeps growing  when I install more apps.  I cant find a logical explanation why Homey memory gets cached if there is enough memory. But I am no specialist.
  • @Fire69 @Jeroenbos22 thnx for your reply's. Too bad Homey has only 512 mb memory. I now have a flow running that reboots my Homey every two days, because Homey gets a little bit unstable after a while
  • [edit]I have a negative value under 'other', didn't get a clear answer yet, but I will ask the question on slack
  • I use only bitflip devices and they seem to work
  • just installed the update. everything Ok here  Nice wall papers by the way...
  • @Annemarie how is the testing going?
  • all went OK here