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  • Aaron said: Hi @btwvince, They know about an issue but they did not tell you they are working on it? It has been for a while now. I will reply on your ticket. greetings, Aaron Hi @Aaron I got the same WiFi module. And for 60% of the tim…
    in milight Comment by Gratje January 2018
  • btwvince said: I Have the iBox 2 connected with my led lights. 1 channel is connected to a RGBW Led controller. If I switch this controller on through Homey it works 3 - 4 times and then I have to pull out the plug of Homey and restart Homey  o…
    in milight Comment by Gratje December 2017
  • I'm not receiving any push notifications to my galaxy S8 with the new APP. and again, bugreporting is annoying and split between the forum and github. edit: a new phone is added to my phones list: now I got a galaxy S8…
  • I also have a zipabox.  And it is still my main controller.  With homey you almost every time rely on the community.  If a new module is not working you get the answer to build it yourself. And I don't have enough knowledge about programming. with Z…
  • I upated to RC10. now it keeps staying offline. but I'm at work. so I don't know if the led ring is turning or anything.
  • lenonline said: Gratje said: I bought a Shield TV 2017 edition. Installed the APK from homey.  it works perfectly with the mic in the controller and the remote.  receives every question loud and clear. until now it never missed a reque…
  • RobinVanKekem said: Correct. And since I don't have that device I can't add it. I'm willing to merge any pull request for this device. I got both devices. what can I do to help? pretty new here, got basic knowledge about programming.  no…
  • viktor said: @Gratje, super idea, where can i find the homey apk? Tnx
  • I know how it works. I mean if his devices misses more than that. Then it goes wrong. I know my device is not supported "yet" and it is only a single switch. 
  • I didn't, if i want to add a PAN06 or PAN4 it will be recognized as an unknown z-wave device with only the option to switch both relais at once.
  • well if it misses critical pararmeters it is possible it will not be recognized at all. got several philio tech pan-06 and pan-04 switches. they are detected. but only recognized as one switch. as a unknown z-wave device. 
  • I bought a Shield TV 2017 edition. Installed the APK from homey.  it works perfectly with the mic in the controller and the remote.  receives every question loud and clear. until now it never missed a request.  The only thing is, the app looks awful…
  • I think it is good to know which switches you want to add. brand. type. etc.
  • thanks, no support for the PAN-06 and PAN-04 double switch? at least I cant find it in the drivers folder in github.
  • where is the github located? can't find it 
  • I know that, already got it. but then then i have to add all my devices manual to set its state. with a scene, you only got one device. that includes all devices states I want to use. But we are getting a little bit offroad on the original topic.
  • BasVanDenBosch said: scene-making : don't know what you mean exactly but you could file an issue for that too scene making: in my zipabox I got scenes. example: Evening falls.  This sets my roller blinds down, turns on the front door li…
  • thanks for the information. so github is used to report your issue. got it. I know it is in beta, that is why i want to use it as secondary controller. if it is stable, the zipabox will go. but I still miss some critical things in homey. example: s…
  • bump. there is nobody who can help me with this problem? is there some sort of support to communicate with athom engineers? can't find a support page. only the FAQ.
  • That is the point, I don't want to re-include every device 20+ at the moment. almost all in-wall models. I saw this option, and it would be great is I could "cluster" the homey to the zipabox. only it gives me the error message as described above wh…
  • btwvince said: Have you installed the app? There you can find the supported devices I want to include the whole zipabox. not just a device from zipato as a manufacturer. Other Z-Wave Network…