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ZipaBox to Homey

Hi there,

I am looking at switching my home controll System from ZipaBox to Homey. Main reason is the instability of the Zipabox. During my last vacation I had to reboot my ZipaBox three times in three weeks, what was only possbile by swiching of the current using a WLAN socket I had luckily installed before.

Is there anybody who has already done the Switch from ZipaBox to Homey and can Report on Advantages and disadvantages (as there are always some)?

Any Information is highly appreciated!

Many thanks,



  • Hi there,

    no one out there who did the Switch an can Report .... ?



  • Hi,

    I did that switch about a month ago and my findings are:
    + More stable
    + Much wider compatibility
    + Easier user interface
    + Easier configuration (you don´t have to sync after every change)

    - Zipato´s rule maker is a little bit better
    - I did use ImperiHome as dashboard on several wall mounted iPads to get info and control my devices, but ImperiHome doesn't´t support Homey yet.

    My conclusion is that Homey already are a better solution and the development around Homey are way better than Zipato. 

  • I also have a zipabox. 
    And it is still my main controller. 
    With homey you almost every time rely on the community. 
    If a new module is not working you get the answer to build it yourself. And I don't have enough knowledge about programming.
    with Zipato you just open a ticket and they fix it up for you. 
    Rule creator works better. 
    Alarm and up cameras work. 
    These things are not there yet for homey. 

  • Sorry for my late response. I have now purchased a Homey. 
    I will try to change from the Zipabox to Homey  step by step.

  • I have just made the switch, and yes certain things are still to be supported by Homey (IP cameras being my main need just in case they are watching) but i have not looked back. Also found ZipaBox overly complicated and required lots of tweaking to get the desired result.

    Homey is much better looking (Wife's happy), has all the RF standards in one unit, and just appears to work.

  • interestedinterested Member
    edited February 2018

    Here is my little bit on this topic (in a positive sense):

    - Netatmo weatherstation works
    - Somfy RTS works with option STOP or MY also
    - Rules have the ability to copy and are simple to use
    - There are many apps such as IFTT, Location, Harmony, Surveillence, Sony, Yamaha,  etc.
    - Instructions appear when adding devices (fibaro, aeotec, greenwave)
    - The location with the IOS phone works and is surprisingly good
    - Bugs or troubles are spoken and not hiden under the table
    - New changes in firmware versions are described
    - Goals are set and gradually implemented

    Some of the problems I had (ver. 1.5.4):

    -  " I think " the z-wave signal's reach is poor
    - Adding devices is difficult, because device has to be right close to Homey
    - The Fibaro motion or door sensors show the temperature, battery status, the next day there are gone
    - IOS phone app is still being developed (icons are missing ...), etc.
    - You can not enter more than one address at a location
    - There are no visible data in Dashboard, unless you open or click on an added device
    - There is a short selection of device icons
    - Hiding unused devices not possible 
    - There is no backup option

    I will definitely follow the development on this device ...

    Regards, interested.
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