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Zwave setup problem

I trying to pair my zwave switches with homey but keep getting the message something is wrong. 

Please help


  • I think it is good to know which switches you want to add. brand. type. etc.

  • Gratje said:
    I think it is good to know which switches you want to add. brand. type. etc.

    It shouldn't matter which brand it is, because Homey should pair ALL(!) Z-wave device and if there no app for that particular device(type) then its paired as a generic switch.
  • @erictks Reset your device by going to homey's settings -> z-wave -> [remove device]

    Hopefully you have the proper frequency, noticed that they offer several frequenties in the website. 

    It will be include as a generic on/off device (like @mhubert is saying) since there is no app created for it (yet?)
  • well if it misses critical pararmeters it is possible it will not be recognized at all.
    got several philio tech pan-06 and pan-04 switches. they are detected. but only recognized as one switch. as a unknown z-wave device. 
  • @Gratje a generic zwave device (or so called unknown device) can only have 1 switch, even if it has 10 switches, it is the limit of that command class.

    A command class that is in all switchable devices and for this reason used as the class for unknown device, without it, it wouldn't be able to include it at all. 
    It is just a fallback
  • I know how it works. I mean if his devices misses more than that. Then it goes wrong. I know my device is not supported "yet" and it is only a single switch. 
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