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  • We will offer you the possibility to communicate your Flare with other smart home devices you already own, or have pre-ordered using the IFTTT. Regarding an API, we won't offer it. Keep in mind we are talking about the security of your home and we…
  • Wow! I was looking for something like this for a long time. It would be awesome if it would integrate somehow with homey. Especially something like Homey is disabled as long as this system is armed.
  • cool! This is something I always thought was missing out of the box from my smartthings.
  • If I pre-ordered the geek edition do I get access to these virtual homeys? Or only kickstarter backers will? Because right now I can't read the kickstarter update about it
  • Not exactly sure what trigger card means. But can it be used as a condition? For example : If movement in the kitchen && sunset -> Switch Kitchen lights on. Or trigger card means it can only be used as a trigger like When sunset clos…
  • Thanks for the answers. 1- Just went back to the order page. I did not see the option when I ordered. Now that you told me I found it. I will send an email. 2- Cool. So In that case blinds are a category of products. And in my driver I need t…