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  • This topic will be closed and continued at the new Homey community forum:
  • This topic will be closed and continued at the new Homey community forum:
  • This topic will be closed and continued at the new Homey community forum:
  • De vraag staat uit bij Woonveilig. Wij zijn niet op de hoogte van het feit dat de samenwerking tussen Athom en Woonveilig is opgezegd. 
  • I need a bit more information. - What type of devices did you connect to Homey via the KaKu app? - Which firmware version are you using?
  • Het klopt dat wij aan het wachten zijn op een update van de API van Woonveilig. Zodra deze uit is zullen wij de app updaten en weer terugplaatsen in de Appstore
  • Hi @MaxSB we are aware of the issues with the current Sonos app. After V2 of the firmware has been released we will also be updating the Sonos app so it will work properly again
  • The issue should be resolved. If not, please let me know!
  • We are currently investigating this issue! Hopefully we can resolve it asap. Thanks for reporting it
  • Good to hear that it is solved! I will close this topic for now, if someone wants this topic to be re-opened please contact me
  • Which version of the Android app did you install?
  • Did you already try to log out and in again on the desktop app? Also loggin out and in again in the app on your phone could resolve the issue
  • @patphoto You do not need to install all devices again and also your flows will stay intact. It is just like a regular firmware update, so no worries:)
  • I'm not sure about this, need to ask the devs if they have taken this into account
  • What I understand is that the current API of the Nest Hello does not offer any trigger possibilities in Homey. Lets hope Nest will change this so we can integrate it with Homey! 
  • @feken see my previous post: You can of course side load the old version of the KaKu app in the meantime (Keep in mind that we cannot offer any support on this version because a new version is already released).  Link to the .zip file
  • We made a special Trello board for people to post their Nexa/Telldus devices they want to be supported in the new apps: @Kingcool I'm not sure who told other users this, but I will ask the devs here. W…
  • @djesko We are doing our best to to release these apps asap. We are currently constructing a list of devices that need to be in these apps. It would really help us if you send us a list of devices that you want to be supported (I will make a seperat…
  • @Kingcool Did you re-add them as the same KaKu device as before? if so, this could explain the issue. Some signal definitions were wrong in the previous version of the KaKu app, so we changed them to the correct ones for these devices. If you have a…
  • @Exile82 @droidekas @djesko Yesterday me and the developer of the KaKu app did some testing and we found the bug. We have tested the new KaKu update with some Nexa/Telldus devices and found out that a previous bug that is  fixed in this new update i…
  • I have reported these issues to the developer of the KaKu app and he is currently looking into these issues. If you have any other issues with the new update please e-mail us at
  • Did you follow the steps described in the readme of the app? Before logging in make sure you have followed the following steps. * Make sure you have a Google Play Music subscription here * Log-in on the Google Play Music app on your phone and pla…
  • The problem is that if for example the community translates the UI, new users might expect the voice part of Homey to also be translated. This can of course be done if Athom translates the voice part in Homey to the designated language, but right no…
  • @k1s the next behind the magic blog is not overdue, it will be posted this friday:)
  • @Aaron The language part of Homey is part of Homey core and not accessible by "normal" users.
  • @DaneeDeKruyff here is the link:
  • @DaneeDeKruyff the post was off-topic and did not answer the question asked by @Louis28. Thats why I removed it and answered it myself. It was not my intention to upset people by removing this post, but I just wanted to keep the post on topic. I do …
  • Right now our main focus is on the release of firmware version 2.0 and the new mobile app. After that we can focus on other things again such as translating Homey to other languages.