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Move, the blinds control. Anyone creating an app?

JonJon Backer - Super Early Bird
edited March 2016 in Developers
The guys behind the kickstarter project Move
(http://www.teptron.com) just announced their developers info on their site: http://www.teptron.com/m/m_developers.html

Anyone here that is planning to create a Move app for Homey? 


  • jordenjorden Member
    edited March 2016
    [quote]Communication with MOVE can be done with an UART link. Setup parameters: Baud rate 9600, data 8 bit, parity none, stopbit 1 bit, flow control none[/quote]
    I am not sure if Homey can do that. You might need some extra hardware for it. However, this makes me wonder how their app works, since I doubt they will have you connect your phone to the Move. So I guess there are more ways to connect than what they are describing now.

    Update: I just read on their website that the product uses Bluetooth so that probably means that in the future (when Homey Bluetooth support is ready, and Teptron releases the Bluetooth documentation) it is possible to build an app. They also seem to be looking into Z-wave support so perhaps that will be an option as well.
  • I was planning on developing the App for MOVE back in januari. Since it takes a lot of time before my Homey will be delivered still haven't started. Next to this I'm curious how bluetooth will work from a developer perspective. Haven't seen any documentation yet

  • thayoung1 said:
    I was planning on developing the App for MOVE back in januari. Since it takes a lot of time before my Homey will be delivered still haven't started. Next to this I'm curious how bluetooth will work from a developer perspective. Haven't seen any documentation yet

    Yeah obvious way would be using the bluetooth of Homey not uart right ? and yes dont see the documentation too
  • JBenjaminsJBenjamins Backer - Geek Edition
    In the UART documentation (http://www.teptron.com/MOVE_UART_Commands_ver1.0.pdf) there is a lot of detail on the possible commands (obviously not the details on bluetooth yet). Judging that, it looks like this thingy doesn't need a Homey per se, it is able to automatically open/close based on time, temperature or brightness. And they can do this in sync, setup a mesh network over bluetooth and more. Pretty nice actually - I will be ordering a couple for my blinds.

  • JonJon Backer - Super Early Bird
    edited March 2016
    Surely it can do nice things by itself, @JBenjamins, but it's much more powerful when embedding it in a domotica environment. For example, turn on/off the lights automagically after blinds have been closed/opened. 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    We'll create an app for it in-house when we receive our units :)
  • Nice @Emile. Gues I'll put my time in another App then to compensate ;).
  • ARJARJ Member

    I ordered already 4 MOVE's for my future Homey network, but has anyone an idea of the range of the Bluetooth meshed network?

    Or is it better  to wait for the z-wave model they are working on?

  • We talked about that in the other move topic. And it depends of how you use them and your house (the amount of concrete and steel ).  For me bluetooth will be oke.
  • ARJARJ Member
    @Wilbert Thank, I read that topic! But hard to decide if the extra investment for z-wave option is necessary for myself.  Two rooms with both two MOVES separated app. 8 meters by a hall/toilet (three walls)
  • @ARJ I understand how you feel ☺ decided to go for the bluetooth ones. 3 will be in the same room as homey and 1 is a gamble hope it works.
    Also depends on the distance from homey, if it is between it s 4 meters.
  • ArenBreurArenBreur Backer - Geek Edition
    This weekend I received my Move(s).
    They are nice, and work fine.

    Hope Athom receive their moves soon, and make an app for them.

  • Received mine 2 moves last week. App would be nice @Athom ;did you also received the move product?
  • RemcoHanninkRemcoHannink Backer - Early Bird
    I received some disturbing news from Teptron. I asked them when the Bluetooth API would be available. This is their answer:
    Regarding the Bluetooth API we are not sure when or if we will publish it. We will discuss this internally and decide further down the road. Right now we have more work then there are hours in a day so it might take a little while.
    I hope they will make exceptions for companies like Athom.

    Gr, Remco
  • MartijnMartijn Backer - Super Early Bird
    edited November 2016
    I hope someone can reverse engineering the bluetooth pairing process. On the other hand, it looks like the Moves are paired like normal bluetooth devices. I see the device on my phone.
  • It is not the pairing that is difficult I guess but the control will be the issue here. 
  • Just received and installed my 2 Teptron Move units. All went smooth at roller blinds with bead chains. The pairing with Android-app (BT) is simple and works as it should do. The units are quite slow. Maybe this will be upgraded in a future appupdate.
    I decided not to do an experiment with batteries and included solarpanel but right away connect the devices at an Usb twincharger (4800 mA) because of warnings at Homey forum and other forums.
    And now? Waiting for BT connection at Homey. @Athom : any news about it?
  • Still waiting for mine to arrive.
  • HarmStellingaHarmStellinga Backer - Geek Edition
    I received my move yesterday.
    ordered by indiegogo order ID: 150
    On 13 Jan 2016, waiting about one year so

  • Ah I ordered on may 20th in 2016 so your wait has yet been much longer.
  • Emile said:
    We'll create an app for it in-house when we receive our units :)
    Is there anything new on the app?

    I am starting to think about buying an old smartphone where I use Tasker and the Move app to build a provisional interface to Homey.
  • I ordered four Z-wave MOVE(Z) last year and hoping they will arrive in March.
    @Emile: WIll they be supported by homey?

  • So how is this going? any news?
  • Still haven't received my order. They're not so fast in shipping, sadly. I hope Athom receives theirs a few weeks before I receive mine ;)
  • March 2016:  We will develop an app for this in-house
    July  2017:  (1 year and 4 months later):    CRICKETS, Nothing! 
  • anneanne Member
    I guess you missed this: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/2382/slide-make-your-existing-curtains-smart-kickstarter#latest

    There's an app in the making even before any Slide units have been shipped. 
  • Slide != Move? 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    edited July 2017
    nope, move has already shipped BT and they still have a few days before they should be starting shipping zwave-versions according to the site... Also: works with Homey they claim :) But I guess someone will have to create an app first.
  • HarmStellingaHarmStellinga Backer - Geek Edition
    edited July 2017
    They say on their site that they are updating their own app in July, another 5 days so.
    My move works fine with vertical blinds
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