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Move, the blinds control. Anyone creating an app?



  • JonJon Member
    I suggest that every one of us who backed Teptron on IndieGogo or Kickstarter will post a lot of messages on their Facebook page about what a scam this all is… Find them on
  • Any update on the Move or Movez? Do they work better now? I'm watching this product for a while, but I'm a bit scared of buying after reading this thread.
  • JonJon Member
    Peter4209 said:
    Any update on the Move or Movez? Do they work better now? I'm watching this product for a while, but I'm a bit scared of buying after reading this thread.
    Don't buy! They don't deliver at all .. 
  • JonJon Member
    Actually, if you place bad posts on their Facebook page (no foul language  just saying it's a scam) they delete your messages and block you so you can't post any further message.
    Really bad ... It proves by the way that they are actually reading it and fear about their company image .. 
    So I posted a review on Trustpilot  I'd suggest that other backers who didn't get their Movez either will do this too!
  • LesleyLesley Member

    posted by MOVE by Teptron

    May 29, 2018 • 12:34PM PDT

    Beta testers!

    Hi everyone,

    We are aware of your dissapointment for the lack of communication, we are sorry about that. We promise that we will post regurarely updates from this point on.

    We have been discussing back and forth regarding how we want to handle the release of the product. The decision that we have made is to start the launch with beta tests to ensure that the product work as intended and how it works with different hubs.

    That is why we are asking you to apply for beta tests. We are going to send out a round of 100 units. If you get chosen for beta tests you will receive a document that we want you to fill in and send back to us after the test period ends.

    To chose who gets to be beta testers we decided to run a facebook/twitter competition. Type your backer ID and comment why you are the perfect candidate on our facebook or twitter post regarding beta testers for MOVEZ. We will end the search at the 14th of June and then decide who will be the first few people in the world to try out the product. The chosen beta testers will then be announced on facebook, twitter and Indiegogo.

    We will then inform everyone (not only the chosen beta testers) when we have ended the test period. You will all receive the results from the beta tests as well.

    So let´s get this going and we look forward to send out the units for beta tests!



    Take care,

    Team MOVEZ

  • PhaetonPhaeton Member
    Sad .... Instead of keeping promisses no update and a closed beta
  • I have 2 Bluetooth units and no idea how good they work, have not tested them they are still sitting in their boxes. I am prepared to sell them for a nice price if someone wants to give them a go, I have no use for them anymore!
  • JonJon Member
    Hey guys. A few days ago something really strange happened. I received an email from IndieGogo saying:

    "Your order has been marked as refunded.

    Dear Backer MOVEZ-motorize blinds and shades has marked your order (Order-39) as refunded. The campaign owner should contact you regarding details about this refund."

    I did not get any refund at all!!! And as usual Teptron does not respond to my emails whatsoever. This really really stinks......!! I strongly suspect that Teptron marked my contribution as refunded so they could kill my voice and prevent me from posting any other critical comments or refund requests on the IndieGogo Backer community page.
    Either way, the way that Teptron behaves is SOOO UNPROFESSIONAL...!

    If you are a Move/Movez Backer too: did anyone of you guys perhaps experience something similar? 
  • JonJon Member
    edited June 2018
    Hey guys (and girls),
    Giving this thread a little kick. What are your thoughts about Teptron and their Movez products?
    Were any other people on this forum treated likewise (being kicked out of their crowd funding campaign, marking my contribution as 'refunded' on Indiegogo and my money is still kept by Teptron)? Also, they banned me on their Facebook page, after writing my complaints there.
    As far as I can tell, they are pure thieves. I have no other words. Hugely disappointed, I would be so ashamed of myself when running a company like those guys.

    Really curious to your experiences and thoughts...
  • JonJon Member
    Refund has been received. Apparently It took the guys at Teptron a while to understand that you need to deliver basic service.
    So for anyone of you guys wanting a refund, you can ask for it. Be patient, it will take some time but eventually they give it to you.
  • All vote for the homey related comments in this post, then the homey backers will recieve the beta hardware
  • KeepTKeepT Member
    Please like my comment to the tweet from Movez in the link

    So that I can beta test Teptrons Movez an report on my findings in this forum. 
    Thanks Homey owners and lovers.
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