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[Update: done] We're shooting a video - what do you want to see?



  • Emile said:

    Well, that quality sucked. Gotta re-encode again. I rarely make videos, but that should be clear by now, haha :')
    Make a normal video and then encode it with handbrake 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    jovink said:
    Make a normal video and then encode it with handbrake 
    Because I have a picture-in-picture, I gotta render it somewhere :)
  • I have no experience with that 
  • Not too familiar with iMovie, but maybe try saving it as a lossless video first (if you weren't already) and encode it afterwards (Quicktime Pro can export to h264 fairly quickly I found, but so can handbrake). Make sure you've got enough hard drive space though :grin: 

    Unless you're creating a 4K UHD HDR ROFL LMAO video, 10+ hours seems a tad long for a video that's ~18 mins :grin: 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Here it is guys!

  • Thanks, looks pretty cool. Will calibrating Homey to your voice, make it less usable for other people?
  • KyrosNLKyrosNL Member
    edited February 2016
    Emile said:
    Here it is guys!

    Thanks for the video! Looking forward to play around with this myself!
  • Thanks!

    great video.
  • OK, after seeing this video, I want my homey, NOW!  :p looks so cool! 
  • Looks very simple to create well as  sophisticated. Far better than anything else out there. If you guys can add Spotify Connect and will hit the jackpot. (can I buy some shares of Athom.... :p
  • thank you, really nice videos, i'm really excited! :smiley: 
  • Ideed cool!  Put the text of that list of examples you had open in the post, so if more videos follow, we can see what is explained in what video. And put them in a separate closed topic. (Comments in a separate one)  in that way it does not dissapear in hundreds of postings.
  • Cant wait! 
  • Has every user his own flows? 
    So when the alarm goes off I want to start a personal flow. The same for my girlfriend. Is it possible? 
  • Nice job Emile, just showed my wife the movie and she told me to go ahead and purge the rest of the hardware so i just did!

  • Very nice video! Looking forward getting my own Homey unit!
  • Wow very Nice!!!!!
  • Arghh.... Will be unable to watch the video for almost the rest of the day  :'(
  • edited February 2016
    Glad to see at least some of you are enthusiastic...same old KAKU stuff again and again...
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited February 2016
    Nice video!

    @MilanVanDenMuyzenberg ;
    Agree about the Kaku stuff.

    Your homey will be shipped tomorrow, so i bad we tuesday see much more videos, pics, experiences etc from you ?! :wink: 

  • Thank you for the video! Really looking forward to start playing with Homey
  • Great video gives a bit more insight into the possibilities and how easy the flow editor is for newbies. Still waiting for some zwave, Bluetooth and other communication examples outside of 433 and IR. Hopefully this will take place in the next few weeks. Can't wait until they start delivering the pre-orders. 
  • Wow, really cool to see this video! Can't wait until I receive my homey. (Pre-ordered) 
  • Bumblez said:
    - Voice control.
    I've seen quite a few hit-and-miss videos, or videos where the person speaking to Homey was basically next to it. I'd love to see a video with Homey responding to a variety of voice commands given from different places around the room... as well as information on how to best set up Homey to optimize response to your own voice (or even better - response to the voices of multiple persons in the household).

    Also (from the Kickstarter campaign):
    "When you want to watch a movie, the blinds close, your lights dim, your music fades out, the TV is set to the correct channel and your media center plays the movie."
    We've seen the promo video of this, I'd love to see a real one for this flow...
    Sadly, the video did not answer any of my questions/concerns. :(  Once again, Emile was sitting right next to the Homey. That's just not realistic in everyday life situations. 

  • What did you want to see that he should do when he's not near Homey?
  • That seems very clear to me: a real use case. Homey placed near a TV, users on a couch giving voice commands...
  • Ir range etc
  • In his video Emile placed Homey in front of the TV. In real life, would you do that, or would you rather place it next to   your TV? The latter would meant a direct line of sight for the IR transmission is out of the question, no?
  • BumblezBumblez Member
    edited February 2016
    Fire69 said:
    What did you want to see that he should do when he's not near Homey?
    I thought that was clear from my original post... I'd love to see a somewhat larger room, with a couple of different people (cf. a family) giving voice commands to Homey from different locations in the room, and how well Homey responds to that. As well as advice on how to set up/finetune Homey to optimize response to such a situation. If my wife constantly has to walk up to Homey and stand right next to it before it can recognize her commands and respond to them, well... that's definitely not going to happen. So I hope that's not necessary... but nothing I have seen so far indicates that it will actually work in a real-life living room situation...

    Also, as I said in my original post, I'd love to see if that "watch a movie" flow that was more-or-less sold to us in the original Kickstarter campaign, is actually possible right now.
  • Sorry, completely missed that you quoted yourself :smile: 

    The voice range test would be nice, bit it will also depend on the environment.  Maybe you can be 5m away in a quiet room, but when their are kids playing or the radio/tv/... is on, logically you'll need to be much closer.

    The movie flow should be possible mostly if your hardware is supported (for example Hue lights, and KaKu or Fibaro for your blinds, TV remote seems to be working OK in Emile's video).
    The only thing I have doubts about is starting the video...  Kodi will be a community app, Plex is being worked on by MikeOne (I think).
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