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Turn of all at 3 am but with override

I setup a turn off all at 3am flow in homey. 

But in rare occasions I'm up and don't want it so.

What solutions are there for this?

Ideally it could popup something via my homey app and some action from me could stop it.


  • androidfroyoandroidfroyo Member
    edited June 2018
    Never mind I think I figured it out... Let me know if there are better ways

    Flow 1 :
    At 3am, Homey will start a count down for 10 mins (using ) and push notification to my phone that all lights will be turned off in 10 mins.

    Flow 2:
    If someone turn on a "delay button" (a virtual device I created using this plugin, it will set (increase) the earlier count down to/by? 3600 (1 hour)

    Flow 3

    if Countdown clock runs down, it will turn everything off.

    For flow 3, I add a further condition it should be between 3am to 6am. Not sure if it's necessary. 

    What do you think? Are there holes in the logic?

    Better way to handle the delay button? 
  • Do you have a motion sensor in the your living room?
    I made a flow 

    If motion is detected between 2.00-3.00 disable flow Night off. enabele night off 05.00
  • androidfroyoandroidfroyo Member
    edited July 2018
    That's a good idea and I do have a spare motion sensor has it happens, but I would like it to work everywhere. But I might add motion in living room as one of the counter resets

    In fact after more testing I realize their were holes in the logic and I matched to get it to work.

    My new flow is now

    Flow2am - At 2 am , start count down for 600s and send push notification to phone warning off shutdown in 10 mins

    Flowzero - If counter = zero, turn off everything

    Flowdelay - if reset button pressed (a virtual device on my hone) , stop count down

    Flow 3am - At 3 am, reset and start count down for 600s and send push notification to phone

    Flow 4am - At 4 am, reset  and start count down for 600s and send push notification to phone

    Flow 5am - At 5 am, reset  and start count down for 600s and send push notification to phone

    Folow6am - At 6am, stop countdown (By 6 am, there are people awake so this turn off all isn't needed).

    It works, but I do have a problem, where Homey glows Orange all the time for no reason due to this flow. As if it is waiting for a response. 

    Is definitely due to these flows becaus eonce i disable them , my homey is fine. Once it is in that mode, most flows still work, Homey just wont talk anymore.

    As a new owner of homey , homey generally works fine for me except for this mysterous issue where homey sometimes remains orange for no reason for some flows. I think it is waiting for a response. I wish i knew what triggered it, so I can avoid flows that cause it. 
  • BramBram Member
    Could you provide some screenshots of the flows?
  • For all the different flows you could use the : Every 1 hour in the first colom, and then a between X and Y time in the second colum, that would save some flows.
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