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Tado thermostat



  • Yes. Checked it and a change occured.
  • mauricebmauriceb Member
    edited May 2016
    @Tim_Brass Just checking

    I also created a flow based on the Humidity changed and it saves the variable value as 37%.

    @Hellhound Bug?
  • Tim_BrassTim_Brass Member
    edited May 2016
    @mauriceb ;

    Same here. 37 is the default value (we you check your flow i guess)

    My other variables work BTW.
    inside temp.
    outside temp.
    target temp.
    solar intensity
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    Is humidity reported as a string instead of a number?
  • @BasVanDenBosch ;

    Double checked: It's reported as a number.....

    Humidity just changed from 45% to 46% in the tado app. Variable is still 37.

  • Don't know if you guys know this and where using "test flow" but when testing the same number is used, provided by the developer.
    Just a heads up.
  • @RobinVanKekem ;

    I am aware....
    That's not the problem.
  • @Tim_Brass I just checked the variable I created a few days ago and it is indeed not being updated. Seems that the flow is not triggered. You can create an issue in Github.
  • Done
  • @HellHound ;

    I'd like to see the temperature in 0.1 degrees instead of the increments of 0.5 is that possible?

    Also in insights it would be nice to see when the heater worked and when which status (home/away) was set.

    I think that the tado app has a lot of potential (especially information wise in the insights). Unfortunately im not a developer so can't help you here. I can only suggest improvements.
  • Hi guys, haven't had a lot of time to work on the Tado code yet, busy with work related stuff.

    However, all your input is greatly appreciated, and will make it in the app eventually, when possible :)

    @Tim_Brass: Humidity bug will be checked. For the 'status', as far as I know, the Insights only allows numerical and boolean values. I guess I could save the status as values, but this would seem a hacky solution. I prefer to wait until Athom allows other data to be logged in Insights.

  • Insights can log boolean values, if that's what you need?

    // Log a datapoint entry
    string name,  // the log name 
    number|boolean value,  // the datapoint value. Use `true` for single events (e.g. someone came home) 
    date date,  // (optional) when the event tooks place. Defaults to now 
    function callback( 
    mixed err, 
    boolean success 

  • Tim_BrassTim_Brass Member
    edited June 2016
    When I set the temperature to a fixed number of degrees(manual mode) and tado is in automode on the same number of degrees. Then nothing happens.
    it should switch to manual mode with the same set temperature.

    Is this a known issue?
  • Tim_BrassTim_Brass Member
    edited June 2016
    @HellHound ;;

    I hope work permits you to soon unlock the full potential of this app. 
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    Will there be official 'Homey' support for Tado in the future @emile @athom ???
  • I received my Tado Thermostat and connected it with Homey which was really easy. Well done.
    Is it correct I don't see my indoor temperatures within insights??
  • 2Be2Be Member
    I received my Tado Thermostat and connected it with Homey which was really easy. Well done.
    Is it correct I don't see my indoor temperatures within insights??
    A lot off Apps don't report measurements to Insights at the moment. I expect this to be fixed in 0.90.
  • 2Be2Be Member
    edited July 2016
    Just received my TADO thermostat from the deal. 
    My Nefit HR is among the 5% unsupported devices.... grmbl. 
    When you buy your Tado you can go to a website with installation instructions and I got the message that my system is incompatible and I can bring back my Tado. Why don't they set this check on the front website??? Grmbl again...

    Anyone else got this problem?

    //Edit// Just recieved an email from Tado. They now only support the Nefit modern EMS protocol. My system uses the older UBA protocol. TADO expect to support this protocol by the end of the year. I will keep my Tado in the box till the winter arrives.
  • I also have an Nefit HR which is 10 years old. I hope they will support this also.
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    will the tado app also receive an update??
    on 0.8.39 and 0.9.1 both i cannot fill in my user references

    It looks like this...

  • arthurarthur Member
    Try Safari instead of chrome, that worked for me
  • With the latest firmware of Homey I am not able to update the app from the app store. Will the app be updated on short notice? :smile:
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    arthur said:
    Try Safari instead of chrome, that worked for me

    Thnx, that worked for me 2, Tado connected to Homey now
  • JaxcJaxc Member
    @ insights from homey, i do not see the inside temperature @0.9.1 firmware... is this solvable??
  • @JurgenHuijbregts Hi, from what I can see, it appears the Homey app driver insights (based on capabilities) are not added anymore. This used to work, and just checked my Homey NetAtmo app, and it also does not provide any insights anymore. I need to investigate what has changed in Homey, and what needs to be updated to get it working again.

    Maybe @Emile can hopefully shed some light.

    @RobertLijkendijk 0.5.1 is currently the latest version. There are still some todos/feature requests on my list, but all my time is currently  going into my regular work.
    Normally I should be able to get a new update somewhere this month, but will probably not contain all feature requests.

    One of the bigger todos on my list is the multi-zone (multiple Tados), and indirectly Tado AC control and Smart Radiator Valves support.

    So depending on my workload, these will eventually be released in the Tado app this year.
  • @JurgenHuijbregts concerning official Athom / Homey support for Tado products, this depends completely on Tado.

    Currently, Tado does not offer companies an official API for integrating with Tado. As Athom can legally not be using unofficial API's, they rely on the Homey community to provide 'unofficial' applications, like the Tado app for Homey.

    On you can see the deadlines for Tado features.
    As you can see, Public API for developers is currently 'planned', but has no expected release date. And looking at all the other features they have planned, I don't think it will be released very quickly.

    Tado has HomeKit support planned for Q1 2017, but as far as I know, Homey has currently no support for HomeKit. And HomeKit a completely different integration, needing licensing from Apple, etc.
  • JaxcJaxc Member


    Thnx for the heads up :)

  • When can we expect a update?

    I got this error if I try to installe the app:

    This app is incompatible with your Homey software version
  • @0burner0 update has been approved by Athom, and now available in the app store.
  • Thank you @HellHound ;
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