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Athom account connected Homey - Mail/push message when not connected

Been reading on the competition and read somewhere that when Homey isn't connected to internet anymore (thus no longer signaling home to the Athom servers), you'll receive a alert from the Athom servers.

Is something like this maybe already done? If not, please consider it. :D



  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Why would you want this? :) You can also just go to to check the status ;)

  • If, for example, you have a Z-wave door lock, you won't be able to remotely control it.
    If you receive a mail you'll at least know in advance.

    Or if I use internet to retrieve the weather conditions to activate my sprinklers. No internet connection, no data, and, maybe, no watering of the plants.

    Can't come up with more examples right now but I'm sure more will pop up later or from someone else.

    Don't know if Homey phones home every once in a while already?

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member


    Users of the Honeywell EvoHome Gateway also receive emails if the system is offline for XX minutes/hours.

    Its a great feature, because it can help prevent problems in your home with heating/cooling.

    In our house the domotica also controls HVAC devices and also some motion sensors and the central ventilation.
    Here at work all Building systems have 3/4G fallback options for reporting problems with internet connectivity.

    It would be a great feature, if Athom sends an Emile(Email) when Homey didn't report itself to the Athom Server(s).

  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited July 2015

    As I predicted: more examples :D
    Does Homey phone home every once in a while?

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Hmm, we'll think about it :) Usually my answer would be 'well, make a flow', but that's not gonna work, haha.

    What would be a sufficient timeout?

    Homey is always connected to our servers (unless you disable that), so we know immeditately when it's offline.

  • +1 This is a good feature, regarding safety/alarm system. I think 15 minutes will be sufficient.

  • Agreed. Setting it to immediate can cause flipping (don't know the right word) when the customers internet connection goes on and off (or wifi, or router, etc) and by delaying it 15mins will prevent this for the most of the times.
    Also I suggest only sending one mail in, let's say, 12 hours.

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    I think 15-45 min. and maybe you guys could let the user choose this timeout.
    Also Robin's suggestion to send an email only X time within X hours would be nice.

    For me an timeout of 30 min. and one email every 1-2 hours would be sufficient.

  • Fire69Fire69 Member

    I would also like to be informed about a connection problem. Homey will become an essential part of the house, so when it's not working properly (due to the internetconnection, not Homey himself ;-) ) I would like to know it.
    Notification on the phone after a 15min disconnect would be nice, mail isn't really necessary for me.

  • would you like to recieve this 24x7 or only during 07:00 - 23:00 ?
    personally I don't care that my internet connection is down during the night (when my ISP is maintaining the network)..
    Just my 2 cents :)

  • Fire69Fire69 Member

    Yes, 24/7.
    When you're in another timezone, it might be between 23pm-7am at home ;-)
    I don't really care about the internet either, but I do care about the connectivity of my house.
    When I'm away, and my door is opened, I want to be warned about that. Without internet, that's going to be difficult to do :-)

  • ReflowReflow Member

    Perhaps you could use a GSM Dialer as backup to Homey which sends an SMS when the door goes open and the internet is down. I'm using this setup on my work in the server room for temperature problems like fire or airco systems down and if internet doesn't work.

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    Everything is possible.

    I could also contract a second internet provider based on a different cable technic or if internet connection is down fireup the fireplace and let is send me smoke signals ;)

    I think it would be a great feature/service if Athom sends us an email if Homey is offline for XX minutes.
    It could also be an trigger for certain people to not block sending Homey's data to there servers.

    And people how run Homey in a internet free network, the could think of something like an mobile messaging solution.

  • +1 on this feature request

  • When using the syonology ddns. The nas pings the synology servers every 30 min. You can get a email when losing connection and when regaining

  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited July 2015

    @JeroenKleijn Exactly what I meant

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited July 2015

    Ok, and what if Homey is crashed? How could homey ping googles DNS and how could Homey send you an email if its crashed?

    The most reliable option is to ping homey from outside and from a different device OR let homey report itself at Athom's servers. Because it tackles 2 problems;

    1. homey crash,

    2. internet connection problem

    When homey doesn't respond of didn't report itself for XX minutes, Athom can send the user a email.

    I think that's the most reliable and solid solution.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    When Homey crashed? Pfftttt ;)

  • No, the Homey should contact Athom periodically and if that doesn't happen, Athom server should e-mail the owner.
    That's what JeroenKleijn ment, I guess :-)

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    Emile said:
    When Homey crashed? Pfftttt ;)

    LoL, i hope not, but i could happen ;)

    @RobinVanKekem ,@JeroenKleijn
    Whoops, my fault :)

  • +1 from me. I have a dodgy internet provider and sometimes the internet goes dark for ~5 mins, it would be great to choose a user selectable time delay, and have this function implemented!

  • +1 extra security ..... power failure...... cable modem down.....send notification

  • JeroenKleijnJeroenKleijn Member
    edited July 2015

    With synology it is the other way around. The nas pings synology servers and if there is no ping after 30 min the synology servers email me "the connection is lost" and when the connection is back, you get a mail.
    Do not zoute me on the 30 min. Could be more or less.

    The homey is in connection with the servers from Athom so i guess it shouldnt be very hard to send a email if my homey did not report hemself in the last 5/10/20/30min.

  • No, on Homey it should be the same as your NAS.
    I wouldn't want to open up any ports on my firewall to allow a connection from a server which I don't control.

    For the Homey to connect to the Athom servers you won't have to open up firewall ports since outbound is normally allowed on any domestic firewall.

  • OGSOGS Member

    What if I don't want to work with a my athom account what is then not possible?

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    You need at least an Athom account to set-up your Homey. When it's running, you can disable the cloud services, but then you're completely on your own in terms of connectivity, apps, speech recognition etc.

  • Not by Athom no.
    You'll have to provide your own monitoring then.

  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited July 2015

    Emile said:
    You need at least an Athom account to set-up your Homey. When it's running, you can disable the cloud services, but then you're completely on your own in terms of connectivity, apps, speech recognition etc.

    Speech is done through your servers?

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    It's sent to our servers, and then to 3rd party Speech-to-text services.

  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited July 2015

    Aha, alright then :-p
    Why not directly to the TTS servers?

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