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[NEW UPDATE] Magister for Homey (v2.0.7)



  • Nice. I will test it when the new school year begins. At the moment Magister is closed until the first schoolday.
  • Thanks @gruijter_dev  !
  • @gruijter_dev

    Thanks for the update, I installed it and added both my children to Magister. Everything's seems ok so far. I haven't tested the rooster changes etc. But adding 2 students works.
  • Thx fir the feedback! Nice to know it actually works on other Homeys as well :p
  • I have a problem with entering my daughter's data. I get this error message
  • Hi @Michel ;Could be that something went wrong when trying to log in. Magister can then block your Homey for a while. I'm not really sure how this works, but you might want to try not logging in via Homey for a few days, and then try again.
  • I have a problem with  :
  • Magister v 2.0.7 is pending approval in the app store. It has some bugfixes.
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited April 2018
    I have started the epic work of rewriting the Magister app to sdk2. I want to improve stability. Also I'm giving it another try to get better support for parent login.

    Not a simple task, since the developer of the magister api stopped his work a year ago. So now I also need to figure out how to solve problems that are present in this api.

    While I'm rewriting the app, I was hoping all of you could share your best practices: how do you use the app in daily life? Or maybe you have a use case that is not possible right now; what functionality would you need added to the Magister app?

    I invite you all to share this in this forum <3
  • For people that have used the 3.0.1 beta version of the Magister app: any feedback for me? I want to release a new version before the new schoolyear starts.
  • I would like to encourage everyone to migrate to the version 3 now! Once the new schoolyear starts it is much more difficult to migrate all your flows etc.

    The v3 is officially in beta, but I have used it myself already a couple of months, and it is in fact more stable then v2 app. Reason I do not make v3 stable is that v3 is incompatible with v2, and auto update screws things up in that case. You have to manually delete v2app, and install v3. 
  • Will do! Thanks! 
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