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[NEW UPDATE] Magister for Homey (v2.0.7)



  • edited September 2016
    I manually set the boolean to True:

    Tomorrow (I am not changing the flow) we will know. Thx!

    gruijter_dev  result: Say roster of Today is working fine now. Great! Will keep an eye on The Roster has changed.
  • version 0.0.12 is pending approval for the app store. It fixes the roster flows, hopefully fixes a number of rare app crashes. Also this version now ignores all new grades that are not coming from real tests (e.g. end term average grades, or calculated compensation points)

  • @MarcelTimmermans these types of errors are really difficult for me to tackle. They are probably caused because every school fills in the data differently and I have to catch all kinds of exceptions. I posted an experimental version on GitHub that is trying to cope with this. Could you try it out?
    This is fixed. 0.12 is working ok.
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited September 2016
    @MarcelTimmermans great news :) thx for testing and letting me know
  • V0.12 is now available in the app store
  • Mmh, not working well in 0.10. I am not sure if this is an app problem or Homey OS as I have more problems with some devices. 

    See picture, suddenly I need to switch my daughter on :) and after doing this it will be switched off again.

  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited September 2016
    Yeah, noticed that as well   :#  Homey is right though with my son. He is never active  :p
  • Yeah, noticed that as well :# Homey is rigth though with my son. He is never active  :p
  • v0.0.13 is just uploaded to the appstore for approval. It fixes the problems introduced with firmware 0.10.x.
  • RemcoHanninkRemcoHannink Member
    edited October 2016

    The v0.0.13 version is crashing on 0.10.1:

    Stack trace:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'fullName' of undefined
    at /drivers/student/driver.js:684:49
    at /node_modules/magister.js/lib/node/magister-node.js:2470:22
    at /node_modules/magister.js/lib/node/magister-node.js:5253:18
    at /node_modules/magister.js/lib/node/magister-node.js:2475:26
    at Request._callback (/node_modules/magister.js/lib/node/magister-node.js:5379:16)
    at Request.self.callback (/node_modules/magister.js/node_modules/request/request.js:198:22)
    at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)
    at Request.emit (events.js:172:7)
    at Request.<anonymous> (/node_modules/magister.js/node_modules/request/request.js:1073:14)
    at emitOne (events.js:82:20)
    Exit code: 0

    Reboot, reinstall etc. is not helping.


    Version 0.10.3 does not fix the problem. As soon as i add a flow using the magister app and i save the flow, the Magister app crashes.

    Gr. Remco

  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited October 2016
    @RemcoHannink : Yeah, I noticed some crashreports coming in. I don't have any issues myself. But you can check a version I just uploaded for you on GitHub. Maybe that fixes it for you.
  • Solved,

    New record @gruijter_dev  :)
    Version 0.0.14 was released on github a few minutes after my message on this forum and everything is working ok,

    Thanks for the super fast service.

    Gr. remco
  • Yahoo B)  Glad I could fix it :)
  • version 0.0.14 is pending apporval in the appstore. It fixes the "Cannot read property 'fullName' of undefined"  error that some experienced.
  • version 0.0.15 is pending approval in the appstore. It adds an action card "roster change tomorrow", and has an internal module update.
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited December 2016
    version 1.0.0 is pending approval in the appstore. It has now reached the title "stable" release :smiley:
  • V1.0.1 is pending approval in the app store. It fixes a flow/token problem introduced with Homey firmware 1.1.2
  • Hi. I don't get any pushmessages of new grades anymore when there is a new grade in Magister. Other push messages I use are working fine. And when I test the flow for new grades then the push notifications are working. But when there is actually a new grade homey tells it (So " Zeg iets .... "  works) but the pushmessages don' t work.

    You wrote on Stack, so maybe you have the same issue. 
    Maybe related: i have 2 android devices where I push messages to (new grades from Magister). Both devices used to receive all messages, and now only one of them. I cannot figure out what is going wrong here. I gues I will try to delete the mobile device in Homey and see if it works again after it is recognized again by Homey. 
  • @Esmiranda This doesnt seem to be related to the magister app. I managed to get push norifications working again on both mobile devices by deleting the mobile phone (bit difficult where to find this: login your account, but do not open your Homey). Also I logged out of the mobile app on the phones and relogged in again. After that it worked again for me. 
  • I know where to find this. I used this when I earlier didn't get any pushnotifications. 
    But now it looks like it does work with other notifications (e.g. when it is wednesday sent a notification to put out the trash), but not with the new grade in magister. But I will experiment a little bit more to find out what's the problem.

  • @Esmiranda I received a pushed grade just this morning, so I know it works :)
  • Okay. Thanks. I will wait for the next grade ;).
  • v1.0.2 is waiting approval in the appstore. It fixes a bug that can crash the app in rare occasions. 
  • v1.0.3 is waiting approval in the appstore. It fixes a severe API bug that was introduced 2 days ago (not being able to add a new student or get Magister data) 
  • @gruijter_dev
    V1.03 is up and running and everything seems ok again. Thanks for the fast respons.....
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited April 2017
    For experimental users a completely rewritten version of the Magister app will soon be available at the appstore beta channel. It is already available at:

    During summerbreak (July/August 2017) version 2 will replace the existing v1 app. The v2 no longer needs to make a student into a device. Also it adds new flow cards for scrapped lessons (les uitval), and tests (toetsen) , and in insights you can now see the difference between different students.

    Please provide feedback so I can improve this beta release before summer.
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited August 2017
    A big update to the Magister app was just posted to the stable channel of the app store. Once Athom approves this update you can update Magister version 1 app to this new version 2.

    The new version adds flowcards for scrapped lessons (les uitval), and tests (toetsen). And in insights you can now see the difference between different students.

    Attention, breaking changes: you have to add the students(s) in the app settings screen, and remove the student device. Also you have to manually check and adapt all your flows.

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