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my first homey

tunftunf Member
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Hi all,

After months on this forum and waiting for the preorder i decided to cancel. After i did this i got one by suprise.
In this discussion i would like to share my experiances and let you all know what i did and how it went.

Unboxing was a nice thing to do, great packaging.
go to, there it tells me to connect my wifi to setuphomey wireless network that was visable. Error can't connect.
going online to search the forum i decided to try again, it connects.
I selected my home wireless network and entered the correct password/ key.
No action after this. Decided to not use firefox but install chrome.
Same actions and now it connects to my wifi i think. same problem, no next window but a purple led ring going round and around for 15 minutes now.



  • Qx5Qx5 Member
    enjoy the update process! can take a while the first time I believe :smile: 

  • Did you quit your Chrome session? When my homey was updating I had a progress indicator in the same session I was configuring it in. Not sure though if it was just the progress of the download or also the update itself.

  • tunftunf Member
    Chrome was hanging and no progress bar. Will leave it there for now and go shopping.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    Just decided to reboot homey. This went ok and first setup ran. Give up my wifi details, very very very long waiting time and then no connection possible is mentioned by voice, in the chrome browser the messages, this is taking very long. After 1 more minute, chrome also tells wifi isn't possible. Lets try it again.

    password is correct, now it is not showing the wifi animation in chrome anymore. connecting to homeysetup is ok, wifi wizard is trying to connect to my wifi, no animation and no led ring movement.
    Restarting my homey again.
  • tunftunf Member
    Yes, wifi succesfully connected, it is mentioned by voice also but with a lot of noice on the background.
  • tunftunf Member
    update now went ok. the interface was stuk on 1 % for about 2 minutes. The ring was not moving or whatsever. During the update proces it is showing the correct color and action.
  • Maybe you are using an access list in your router, in which you have to add homey to get access to the wifi. That did the trick for me.
  • tunftunf Member
    the page after setup is telling me that after the update i can go to It is not telling me how i know that the update is ready. I know by this forum to look at the ring and the color but it would be simple to tell me that on the website after the wizard. On it is telling me that homey is booting. This is also not correct as it is updating.
  • tunftunf Member
    There is no progress bar or time indication on the update process. perhaps it is a nice feature to show this or make and expand button to see the console messages appear (like and openelec update with progress indication). If this is not possible then perhaps make a note on the time an update kan take.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    After about 10 minutes my update is finished and homey was restarting. After reboot it tells me in english it is downloading its voice and tells me i can use homey in the mean time.
    On the homey is now available.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    The webinterface on is not asking me what language to use and is in english.
  • tunftunf Member
    installed 2 apps, very easy and simple, perhaps a logon from can be directed/ used for so no double logon is needed.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    Training voices, 3 times 5 out of 5. 3,5 meters away while having dinner with the family.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    There is no option to select a dutch voice in the list but there are a lot of others. Going to languages i can select dutch. A reboot is needed and after a reboot it tells me in dutch that it is downloading the voice and i can use homey in the mean time. I was expecting a dutch voice option in the list.
    Perhaps an idea to select the language and then i can select the voice instead of this being on 2 seperate places. After reboot and installation i can select a voice on the voice tab.
    After the dutch install there is no response to ok homey whatsoever.
  • tunftunf Member
    Homey is not listing anymore. The led ring turns white and pulses when we talk but nothing after that. There is no button to see what it think it heard so looking on the forum i know you can go to the ip adres /manager/speech-input/
    To know the ip adres you can go to setup on -> system_ stuff for geeks, expand and on connection look for ipaddress.
    There are 2 words heard while we tried and talked a lot more there. Will go on with testing.

  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    Went to add devices to be not to much frustrated. Rooms looks great usable, added some hue lamps. per room i need to push the button of my philips hue, this can be smarter, i already pushed it so homey is parred, why keep on pushing on it when i add lamps in a room?
    It was simple to add the lamps. thats for sure.
    Adding my kodi is not working, will figure that out later on.
    adding my first remote went smooth, it is not showing all buttons correct but look good. It is not possible for me yet to change the name, it is telling me ir,  i would like to edit the name so i know what ir device this is.
    Now training some more ir and perhaps try some voice again which is still not reacting, it is listing thats it and only when we call okee homey so that good (no false positives so far) but i would be better to get a reaction at all.

    Ir training went somehow okee for original remotes. Remotes for fibre tv box is not recognized.It sees the signals but don't know the device.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    created my first flow. if microphone hears nieuws, read me the news. Then the voice speed is to fast, i cannot hear what it is telling me. looks like the dutch words are not able to be mentioned out loud.
    This is also working now on speach recognition. Looks like there is no default ok homey reaction available without a flow. My understanding was that there where default options already available but that is not the case.
    I also cannot use other people flows, that would be a great feature.
    Update; because the official video's are now online i was starting the instruction where there is the command: oke homey what is the time right now. My own homey reacts with the led ring but is not giving me any info, ofcouse it does in the video but not in real live.
  • You set the language to Dutch so you have to give Dutch commands :) Perhaps Homey is reading english news with a Dutch voice? The settings-menu mentions Dutch is fully translated yet.
  • tunftunf Member
    tryed to add my screens and sunscreen but it is not one of the brands in the store. I thought i could "read" from another remote so it can learn what it is and use that code. That is of later consern then.
    After a reboot still no homey talking to me.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    speech is now a litlle bit better, it is to fast telling me what it wants to tell me (dutch male), lampen aan or uit tells me something that took me 10 times to know what it was. In dutch it tells me (i think) turning lights on and turning lights off. This is not translated.

    It is telling me this but not always turning lamps on or off, this is not stable.
  • tunftunf Member
    tonight we had a great evening with friends. About 10 times false positive during our game/ conversation but nothing that should worked on speech is working. Now all people are gone, within 1 meter it is giving some voice feedback that works.
    @basvandenbosch it is not all translated. If homey is turning lights on or off it is fully in english.
  • tunftunf Member
    edited April 2016
    For example; homey,  tijd: The time is 23 uur 12
    Ok homey; lampen uit: downing lights off (en alles blijft aan philips hue)
  • hij zegt 'turning lights off' ;)
    heb er ook net zitten op luisteren, het is engels maar hij spreekt het wel op z'n nederlands uit  :p
  • tunftunf Member
    Just tryed to create a flow to shutdown all lights (slapen) but then i need to select all lights. It would be great if i can select a room or devices in a room instead of the whole devices list to do xyz. Now it is taking up (to) much time, i just wanna kill all the lights on ground floor but lamp3 only after 30 seconds. This is currently not possible.
  • True, it's pretty annoying you have to select all the lights one by one.

    For your lamp3, you should be able to delay it 30 seconds with the little 'clock' in the upper right corner of the card for that light.
  • tunftunf Member
    My first homey is now online for 12 hours. It is getting accepted better and better. Things i still missed and that i recommand for plain users is a (short) list with out of the box commands, what can it out of the box? which commands can i give him?
    What is the default command to turn the lights to dim to 50% and which one to 100%?

    voice recognition in an empty room is about 45 % of the time working within 3 meters, after that the ratio drops to about 5%

    speed of recognition is slow, just watcht some instruction video's from past and from a couple of days ago and there is was about 200% faster than here. Also it variates on the time of the day, from 17:00 to about 22:00 it is much slower then now on 6:30.

    the led ring looks cool but has default 3 settings;
    1. blank
    2. rainbow
    3. pulse
    while not in use. I was expecting some more smartness here, at night turn red/ pulse on audio/ motion,
    wake up in the morning and adapt brightness during the day or on input from light sensor if it detects one or if i put homey in the same room as one with these sensors.
  • tunftunf Member
    Just played around some more lot of voice not recognised now.
    If it needs to turn lights on or off it is telling me that it will dot that but lamps stay  on, this was yesterday working like a charm and now the recognition is being done but within then only 1 out of 10 switches lights on or off.
  • @tunf it's great to see you sharing your Homey experience, but it would make it better readable when your story is posted and edited in the first post instead of making a new post every 5-10 minutes. 
  • A post is only editable for a short period of time.
  • Common guys..... 
    It's his story/journey, in his own topic, sharing a ton of information, most users don't share, most users only share there issues, most users and(!) athom can take advantage of this. 

    Let the men do what and how he wants to do it! 
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