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  • The default settings are ok for normal use, but you can play around with them, just to see what happens if you like. With these default settings, you have a 'reset' time of 30 seconds. so just wonder about the fact that with the flow you made, the l…
  • Did you try removing the device in your settings screen?
  • First go to your 'zones and devices' page and test there if movement on the Fibaro device is detected by Homey.  If movement detected the color will change.
  • Had those same problems here also. When my homey was deliverd at home, one of the balls was not attached to the Homey. But some strong glue did the job.   The steady red led ring is a known issue for me too. It happens ones or twice a year here af…
  • Once it's working, you gonna enjoy your Homey for sure.    
  • Setup is done thru connecting your laptop/desktop to the Homey network for a short while, when asked on the page. Ending the setup, you have to switch back to your regular WiFi network at home.  Did you follow the instructions like i…
  • I own a simple 'Dyson cool AM06 ' ventilator and don't get it to work with the Homey app. In de Dyson app I see two devices A Dyson Air Multiplier and a Dyson Pure Cool Link.  Seems to me that the normal 'Dyson cool' ventilator is not in the app, be…
  • Had to work today in these hot weather conditions, so I can pay the bills that come in on a weekly basis. And heard also at my work today, that my cheduled holiday for next week was canceled, so I was a happy guy coming home today.  
    in Homey Cafe Comment by Willem August 2018
  • We are all waiting for camera support, because it's a must for any domotica system. Right now it's 4th on the Athom public timeline list, and they promised that we get it in future, so we still have to wait for it. 
  • Je zou bijvoorbeeld met twee counters ( ) de 50 minuten  UIT en 10 minuten IN kunnen bepalen. Dus teller A ( 10 min. ) staat op nul en start hiermee teller B ( 50 min. ) en vice versa. Als het 23:…
  • I use that Remotec scene master for several months now, and it works perfect with Homey.
  • My Netatmo weatherstation is up- and running again with Homey. That was a quick fix.
  • You find the answer also in this topic section.
  • You can use different kinds of light bulbs with Homey.  Just look in the app store ( ) for the light section, and you find lots of differents brands and types.
  • Use as a trigger that the door is opened. This starts a 30 second counter, thats stop only if the door is closed again. For that counter you could use the countdown app ( ) 
  • JPe said: Are you sure Homey is crashing, sometimes it can take a long time before the data is grabbed and then it looks Homey is frozen, wait a couple of minutes for the result. Yep, I agree. If the amount of data you want to see is lar…
  • Looks to me that your device is not connected to Homey anymore.  Just re-install your device again, and then it should work again. 
  • Hi Sean,  Logic is the keyword in this. Here's a small example. IF temperature has changed, AND Temperature is lower then 22 °C, THEN set temperature to 24,5 °C. Just drag that little bleu label from your IF card to the AND card, and fill in at wh…
  • There is Alexa support for Homey, so you can ask Alexa to run your devices thru Homey. And there is also a Harmony app available for Homey, so in your Homey flows ( recipies ) you could still start devices using the Harmony hub. Or you could use the…
  • Waarschijnlijk zit er een foutje in je flow, of kijk ook eens in de HUE app welke instellingen je hebt gekozen bij activiteit van je sensor.  
  • You can buy a Harmony hub without a remote and connect it to Homey. There is a Harmony app available at It is also possible to use IFTTT to work with a Harmony Hub to start a Harmony activity. …
  • I just wonder if your WU can tell you exactly if at your're location the wind gusts are to high? I would use a local windmeter like a Netatmo windmeter or something simular to record that.  That's probadly way more accurate to record your local situ…
  • Why don't you ask Homey to do that for you? Just make a little flow that switches all you devices off as your're leaving the house or going to bed by asking Homey. As a backup, I use a Philips HUE TAP button to switch my lights in case Homey should …
  • You could try using the Countdown app ( hourglass ) for this. If movement seen by your Fibaro sensor, you start the countdown over and over again by flipping the hourglass. If no movement for a certain amount of time, the counter will reach zero and…
  • Wundere Mich als Holländer auch warum Athom denn Deutsche Markt nicht bediendt, und die Kunden jetzt sucht in   Scandinaviën oder sogar in die USA. Mit Deutsche Sprache an Bord wurden Sie reichlich neue Kunden bekommen.  Zurzeit habe Ich neben Homey…
  • Just ad a new widget, select the type of widget you want, and choose your device. 
  • KikkerX10 said: Purple means it is updating Ok thanks, Homey has update nicely and is running now on version 1.5.8 
  • Ok. update is done here. yellow ring was running and then Homey did say something, I didn't understand. Would like to now what that was. Now I see only a puprle led light running on the Homey. Is this normal or what should I do? '