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  • Hello my fellow friends I eagerly await this app   What is the status ? How will the app work when its done. I have not built one mirror yet.
  • Thanks all please let me know if there anything you like me to cover in the future.
  • patphoto said: Looks promising. But I hope it gets more advanced later?  How many devices would you say you have? Thanks I will get more advance over time indeed but I keep every video very simple and inclusive. I will not cover things li…
  • Does any dare to contact Verisure and ask what they approve of for polling frequency. I so want to give you a big sack of kudoos if you get the basics working. Dont forget to ad a donation option both on github and in the future verisure app
  • deWekke said: hmm… the cat issue. I also took care of that   I have a well with an electric pump which I control with a Fibaro module. So when the cat passes the sensor at night she gets a free wash   But mainly I use it to water my lawn and pl…