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  • Fire69 said: Pressing and holding is only supported for the dimmer as far as I know... Maybe you can make a flow to use a double press like you have with the second button?  On the right button it works like a charm. In the flow editor t…
  • Hi Guys, I allready ordered and installed a Fibaro Double Switch 2. On the first OUT I switch the mirror heating and the second OUT is empty.  I want to work with flows to control the on/off status. I noticed that the Fibaro Double switch 2 switch…
  • Rocodamelshe said: But u did tell the guy at Robbshop u was going to switch the heating with it and then they told u to buy a dimmer? REY86 said: The best option is to buy another switch?  For switching the heating?: Yes! Y…
  • Thanks for your reply. Someone at Robshop recommend the Fibaro Dimmer 2 to me.  The secondary switch comes in very handy to switch my Sonos One.  The best option is to buy another switch?