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  • @keverjeroen Thank you for this information.  I'm not familiar with GitHub and was wondering if something was wrong in my configuration.  Now I know I just have to be patient and use the previous Homeydash version in the meantime.  It's a great app …
  • Anyone has a suggestion about the toggles?
  • Hi,I read that the toggles were fixed in a recent version, but it still doesn't work for me.  When the state of a device changes (through other means than Homeydash), the button doesn't update (except when I manually refresh).  This is the case on P…
  • I installed 1.5.8 a couple of days ago.  My findings so far : Z-wave seems to be more reliable, but not really faster.  Since the update, Homey reboots spontaneously at least once a day.  The first two days it was during the night, but today it was …
  • Hi @Phuturist, Thank you for this app.  For the moment I just use basic functionalities (play, pause, volume).  I noticed that when I try to set the volume with a variable, it sets the volume rounded to one decimal after the comma.  Eg, when I want …
  • Bedankt om nogmaals te bevestigen dat 1.5.6 de broodnodige stabiliteit zal brengen.  Nu nog hopen dat het er op tijd zal zijn om mijn huwelijk nog te redden. 
  • Functioneel is voor mij Homey een super product.  Zes maanden geleden heb ik het aangekocht vanwege de openheid van het platform en de vele integratiemogelijkheden.  Vandaag moet ik toch bekennen dat het enthousiasme wat geluwd is.  Stabiliteit is b…
  • Andreas said: I have three Fibaro Switches Two FSG-213 and one FSG223. I always have the issue that after 16-40hours the switches are no more reacting. Means either from Flow and also not from the direct Userinteface. Cant switch them on/off. I…