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  • Rocodamelshe said: Did u try it? Yes. It works, but because of it only being available at the "Set brightness" i then would have to do it for EVERY light, which is like 10 in my living room. Now i just use a "Switch on Scene ", but that …
  • Rocodamelshe said: Yeah, but that is only there for "set brightness", not for turn on..
  • Rocodamelshe said:  Which version ur using? There is a card with transition over time? Tried the last stable and the last beta, but i don't have a "Transition over time" card? Can you show a screenshot? Or is it maybe in the Hue Zigbee a…
  • alice_in_wonderland said: You want to swap voice controls or you want it to stop responding and just do what you order with voice? I want to turn off everything speech related on the Homey. Now it has default "speech" things, if i create…
  • Rocodamelshe said: Strips waren toen nog niet langer dan 2 mtr en de hoeken zitten op 2,25 mtr ja. 4 losse strips is wel een must, moet wel rood/wit/blauw kunnen natuurlijk voor ALS we ooit nog een keer een toernooi mee mogen doen. Tegen…
  • erikmm said: @dennis91 It would be a lot easier for all if you wrote in English......... Sorry. I'm currently in contact with @DaneeDeKruyff to see if we can merge our two apps in to one app. Once there is more information i will pos…
  • Yeah i would also love that so i can control lasers in my home
  • MennoVanGrinsven said: Did you enable the share option in the region specified on your phone?  You need to receive a transition message.  Yes, it is enabled!
  • Thanks for the replies all. I'm not sure why it's not working, tried the mentioned how-to here also. If i request the logs in the client i see things like : 20170817-11:09:32 received '{"tst":1502960970,"acc":8,"_type":"location","alt":-4,"lon":4.3…
  • Great news, from October IKEA will also sell color lights in the Tradfri group!
  • In the official app it's not possible. If you the actions on the buttons you cannot save because "One or more buttons do not have actions assigned to them". I will try it with iConnectHue!
    in Hue Tap Comment by dennis91 August 2017
  • swttt said: If you are working on a SDK1 app, i would suggest you start with SDK2. SDK2 works with promises (or async await) and works a lot better when you get used to it I think you could add the callback after:  parsed.feed.entries.forEach…
  • DieterKoblenz said: Hi Dennis, Use the "presence" action card to mark a user as Sleeping: Thanks. That seems to be working
  • Eternity said: This is what I have made, using 3 flows. Flow 1  Thanks for the screenshots. For whatever reason, if i pick the "Logic" item in the flow editor, i cannot specify "Helderheid" there.... any idea?
  • DieterKoblenz said: I use Tasker and my regular alarm app for that. As far as I know the Homey app can not detect anyone asleep...  I don't think there is something like that for iOS Maybe an "I'm going to sleep" button in the app would…
  • bvdbos said: You can tell Homey you go to bed and tell her you're awake. If using the phone-app Homey even notes who is awake and who is asleep. Also, you can set the state to awake or sleeping (presence in flows). Thanks. So if i under…
  • lubbertkramer said: You can call them by a http trigger from your Homey, not sure if you can run the scripts itself on your Homey or you can convert them to an app   Great Thank you!