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  • @k1s: The size (and direction) of the change will not be detected in the flow you have made. Therefore, the fan will be triggered with any change in humidity reported, also in case the humidity falls from e.g. 30% to 29% (It would not be needed if t…
  • Try for a rather good introduction to MQTT
  • Unfortunately, the answer is yes - it's been a debate since last summer and Athom seems confident that those of us who are doubting the benefit of this strategy and argue there should still be a desktop-based way to work with Homey will change our m…
  • Regarding pairing of devices, it shouldn't be a problem if the sensors are paired with the native app from Xiaomi - according to @Emile (who made the other app) the sensors are broadcasting an unbound, uncoded signal to the wide world to whoever lis…
  • I updated to the latest version from GitHub (master branch) just before trying - that made it possible to add one RoPot - I can try again after installing the alpha and see if it appears :-) Installed alpha version, both RoPots found now :-)
  • @koktail: Sorry, my mistake regarding the general flow card and the devicename token - works fine (somehow I messed up when saving the flow and thought the token was in the log card I used, but it wasn't)... Have one RoPot connected - but the other …
  • All my five Flower Care Sensors are found and included flawlessly - but unfortunately none of the RoPots are... The "Device Card" is ingenious! Only: If the "value" token from the card reports true/false - I know it might not be that easy, but if s…
  • @koktail: Looking forward to test it - have you considered integrating the "RoPot" from Ziaomi Flora as well? Perhaps you and @Emile could consider joining the apps (to get the full potential from to developers combined ;-) )
  • Inspiration here as well:
  • Works as a charm with bulksms :-)
  • Think it is not app-/device specific, but related to the same as what is described here
  • My guess is, that you have run into this problem: (you are identical to the person who made, i guess?
  • gruijter_dev said: @cbh I will take a look at bulksms. Maybe I can still get it in this appstore release No stress ;-)
  • Cool! Seems like have a smaller minimal payment (7,5 Euro/200 SMSs - and thereby also relatively cheap)
  • Flows for controlling a fan in the bathroom based on the humidity. Setup: Hardware: - Aeotec Multisensor 6 (mounted in the ceiling in the shower niche) - Fibaro Double Switch 2 (controlling a "stupid" fan). Variables & flows: Every time the M…
  • Or edit the flow so the parameter that use involved in the loop is changed to something else and then save the flow 
  • Brilliant!
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • How did it go? Any progress?
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • The Multisensor 6 doesn't support multichannel associations AFAIK - nothing to do about it, as it is how Aeotec designed it... :-(
  • With reference to @TedTolboom's cliffhanger:
  • Okey-dokey @gruijter_dev  :-) If somebody has an idea how it could be done, I'm all ears...
  • Try moving Homey closer - it may help - you never know. Have you removed the device? (settings - z-wave - remove device) No matter the device seems not to be connected to Homey - or any other controller - you should definitely do this - each time y…
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • What happens when you remove a device? ("Settings” -> "Z‐Wave” -> “Remove a device”) - does it say "Device successfully removed"? Or is there no response at all? To be sure: Devices are connected and power turned on? No battery inside ;-)
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • How close is Homey to the switches? Is there some connection or nothing at all? Do you get any error messages? If you can describe what happens (including all the basics, like "clicked on this one, message in app was this and on) it would be a big h…
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • Well, some of it should already be supported: Oregon thgr 122 nx is on the list here: Energy meter Aeon zw095 is on the listed here: Zipato Mini Keypad WT-RFID seems …
    in Support Comment by cbh March 2018
  • Hi, The download/upload speed that is logged now is the actual load on the connection - is there some way to make the system check the maximum bandwith periodically? In my router settings (X6 R8000) there is a possibility to test the bandwith using …
  • You wrote you're on the newest fw on both? Have you updated fw on zhc yourself? Which version?
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • Have you tried the steps on page 4 in the installation notes? ( Try both the "remove device" method and if that doesn't help, factory reset by pressing th…
    in ZHC5010 HELP Comment by cbh March 2018
  • And this is where it gets a bit confusing to someone like me... (Who definitely wants to keep it simple) The example from Athom ( shows a device.js file in the folder drivers, …
  • Perhaps this old idea could be included in the discussion?