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  • @jeroenbrosens Did you get started on the reverse engineering yet? i would love to follow the progress on this
  • Added +1 on the github page. This needs to be added the combination of the 2 would be perfect
  • Since the Alexa Smart Home Skill has been released, i was wondering will something like this be released for google too?  Damn i should read sorry, question was already asked above
  • Hi im having some issues with the tag reader 500 triggering flows created an issue on github for it hope you have time to look at it.
  • Any news on this? 
  • @MrDutchfighter The version in your git repo seems to crash on start up: Stack trace: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list at exports.runInThisContext (vm.js:53:16) at Module._compile (module.js:373:25) at Object.Module._extensions..js (mod…
  • Found out why the tags wouldnt read. Seems that the tags are just not compatible the tag sent with the reader is ISO15693 and the ones from the link are ISO14443-3A. I sent an email to ask if they have the other tags as well and am now stuck with 1…
  • @MarcoF I got some tags from the link you posted, have you got any idea how to get them to work with the benext reader? The tag benext sent with the device cant be copied by the android apps NFC Tools and NFC Tag cloner ok seems like the tags are …
  • wow thanks for the effort, I know you wanted the issues on your git hub but this is not an issue with your app. i posted a link a while ago with the cheaper nfc tags. They dont seem to work with the reader, havent done to much investigating yet.  T…
  • Yes sorry i didnt reply as far as i could tell covers a lot so  that would help. For me its about the coverage of Almere but it seems to cover much more. So thank you very much for adding it!
  • Please add support for Should be relatively easy it returns JSON:${postcode}&number=${housenumber}
  • Sounds great, ill be following the progress and im looking forward to trying it out. Dont forget to enjoy the holidays too 
  • Good question, I hope someone can answer this question. I still have 13 days to return the pad 
  • Nice I hope you do find some spare time. Unfortunately this month is always kind of busy, but this would make a great christmas present  I have no experience with creating apps for homey yet otherwise i could of helped a bit. Mine arrived today t…
  • FreeFrags said: Hi i get extractpath_not_writable when i click on install now i have 1.0.1 installed now can anyone help? Ok never mind i tried disabling apps didnt work, tried a reboot didnt work, then unplugged and replugged homey and …
  • Hi i get extractpath_not_writable when i click on install now i have 1.0.1 installed now can anyone help?
  • @MrDutchfighter I ordered one too, FYI i found some cheap tags which will probably work with the reader they are on sale:
  • That would be great. It's the last missing piece of my DIY security system.  I saw theyour will be in stock around 14th of Dec 
  • There is an app in the store only the keypad is not yet supported by the app. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to add it.
  • yes the benext is going to be available in zwave plus soon again. this looks like it could be a nice option. I guess I missed that topic in the forum, now to find…
  • I created a black friday topic, but it was pointed out that it might be better to post them here to keep it central.  so i took all the links posted in that topic and posted them here: Tado thermostat only £129 (usually it is around £200): https:…
  • Rocodamelshe said: Maybe we can use this topic for that? Im sorry yes we should probably keep it central I will create a post in that topic with all the links posted here.
  • Cool stuff now i need to buy me a botvac
  • I came across this on engadget: Seems like it has been added to amazons alexa, so it might be worth asking them again
  • I got it to work to reset the popp you need to switch it on and quickly hold the pair button.  Don't hold it down while turning it on or try holding it down after a few seconds. 
  • Hi,  The question was asked before but from the answer I'm not sure if i understood correctly if I buy a seticket of honeywell hr92 will theyou be able to connect directly to homey?  Or do you need the evo home in order to get it working? since eve…
  • Please merge the pull requests and make a new version. i want to be able to use my siren :P 
  • I have the popp siren but i cant seem to get it connected. i turn it on the lights flash briefly. then after about 10 seconds i short press the button next to the switch but it doesnt seem to want to connect. Am i missing something here?
  • Almere doesnt seem to be working would be great if it gets added. It can be found on mijnAfvalWijzer though