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  • Oskar said: Since this weekend all my KAKU devices stopped working. I tried a restart as well as PTP. At first I thought it was working again, but after a day it all stopped. I even tried learning them in gain; Homey did not even see the signa…
  • Also: Stack trace: No stack trace available Exit code: null Exit signal: SIGABRT
  • App crashing regularly This comment is also posted on: I use Homey MQTT Client to push data scraped form my weather station (Renkforce) to Homey. I use my Synology NAS as MQTT server. (Which…
  • Just backed this product. They reached their funding goal today. The device is said to be wifi controlled and API will become available. Hope this product will reach production phase and in the future will have a Homey app.
  • After update to 0.10.0 all apps are gone, flows are still there but not working without these apps; iPhone app responds that device is not ready.  Update cycle was fully completed. Did several power cycles already. Settings menu only shows (in the s…
  • I found the solution to my problem mentioned above. It was a range problem. Now my Homey is nearer the receiver, the off-signal comes through aswell. Somehow the on-signal is 'stronger' than the off-signal? Weird. (In my flow controlling this receiv…
  • I've installed the mini build-in switch CoCo AWMR-300. The setup works fine with a CoCo remote. Homey can switch the light on, but cannot switch it off, although the remote - which is working fine - is copied by Homey. Homey is able to receive the o…