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fibaro fgms-001 zw5 motion sensor does not work properly

RdWRdW Member
edited July 2018 in Questions & Help
Hi all,

just bought a fibaro motion sensor.
i have some trouble to get it to work.

first i paired the device as the homey fibaro app requests.

I changed some settings, made some flows with a light and countdown timer to test.
the first hour it seemed to work quite well.

after a while i noticed that it took ages for the motion alarm to switch off.
waaaay longer than the 30 seconds it should take to switch off.

also when i pick up the sensor, the tamper alarm remains on and doesn't switch off  after 30 seconds.
instead it stays's on 9 for 75 minutes now.

so after this i removed the device from homey, did a factory reset of the sensor, rebooted homey and added again.
the result stays the same.

temperature reports as intended. lux as well.

can anyone tell me why the tamper alarm stays on.
and why my motion alarm seems to stay on, then suddenly drops off doesn't respond for minutes and when activated again stay's on again for minutes (with no-one present of course).

should i have set some associations in the settings?



  • RdWRdW Member
    edited July 2018
    when the motion sensor turns off while i'm in the room and i kindly wave to the sensor it does slowly blink in temperature color. but then doesn't activate the motion alarm and trigger my testflow.  :s

    while testing network range it does glow green, as it should be in comm. with the mail controlle:sunglasses:

    EDIT: motion sensor seemed to work flawless this morning.
    Temper alarm stays activated. 
  • Softwarefehler. Ich habe das seit Monaten gemeldet und nichts ist passiert. Fibaro-Geräte sind im Moment fast unbenutzbar.
  • RdWRdW Member

    You mean the fibaro app for homey?
    Or the firmware from the sensor.
  • FredHFredH Member

    For me the fibaro V2.7 motion and tamper alarm is ok temperature and luminance is not working.

    fibaro V3.2 motion and tamper alarm stays activated and temperature and luminance is working ok.

  • RdWRdW Member
    yup, got the V3.2 
    Motion is a bit unstable. responding well at times and not responding on other times.
    Tamper stays activated indeed. Temp & Lux are ok as well.
  • Fibaro devices are very good, especially in combination with Fibaro controller.

    I use Fibaro devices with Zipato & even this controller works better than "Athom".

    But like somebody says, I think the problem is in Fibaro app and it's a shame that this take so long to repair it ...

  • RdWRdW Member
    edited July 2018
    Fibaro devices are really good.
    and as my tamper alarm turned off after 19 hours and the motion detection is stable, I have no problems with fibaro & homey whatsoever. I’m actually quite pleased with the open, and versatile way “Athom” operates. 

    Offcourse we all want homey 2.0 yesterday and every first world problem fixed the day before that. But hey, nothing’s perfect. Not even Fibaro. ;-)
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