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Multichannel nodes not updating status


The ZHC5010 driver, found here: doesn't update the status of the subdevices like it should. Since the status update is working for other products, like the greenwave 6port powernodes i would think it could be solved by the community.

Also, the "main" device changes state everytime a sub-device i triggered, so i'm guessing it has to do with the messages being sent to homey isn't multichannel messages, can anyone help?

In short, the device contains four switches, that always just stays "OFF" in the app/webinterface, unless if change their status from there.

Kind regards.


  • casedacaseda Member
    Can you post a debug log (from you cli), after switching the switches? If anything comes in at all.

    Maybe you need to poll, like the greenwave is doing also
  • Hi, and thank you.

    I'm not the developer of the application, i don't have developer access (cli) to my homey.
    The developer is the original creator of the hardware.

    On other controllers, like fibaro the switches does not require polling. They have a direct association per-switch to the main controller.

    These associations are also configured correctly on Homey when the devices is added, but they all just update the status of the main device (hub-device/internal relay)

    It was working on previous homey firmwares, according to a post on a danish z-wave forum (i can't confirm this myself, i've only owned my homey since 1.31) - but it might help someone to see what needs updating.

  • JPeJPe Member
    edited July 2017
    Next to the manual changed status not reported, I'm also having problems with power measurement data, not reporting, see discussion
    It's about devices Fibaro FGS-221 and Qubino ZMNHBD1 (Both 2-relay modules) after they have been power-downed after pairing. First after pairing the power data is shown! The manual changed switch-status in both cases is not reported

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