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Philips Android TV

Could perhaps the Sony Android TV App be adapted so it would work for a Philips Android TV?


  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    edited August 2016
    Don't think so, but maybe I also can make a Philips AndroidTV app :)
    Which TV do you have ?
  • @MarcoF ;

    Philips 55PUS7101

    Thanks for your efforts! Please let me know if you need more info
  • OK! Will give it a try, but because I don't own one, it "can take a while and a lot of testing" to get it work.

    Found this on the interwebs;
    1. The TV has to be in the network and turned on
    2. The TV has to be compatible with the API. This should be possible for all models since 2011, but a list of models and firmwares can be found here
    3. If the TV is compatible and the newest firmware is installed, the API has to be activated. Therefore, you have to input on the remote "5646877223" (which spells jointspace on the digits) while watching TV. A popup should appear saying that the activation was successful.
    4. To check it if everything works correctly, you can browse to http://<ip-of-your-TV>:1925/1/examples/audio/volume.html. There you should see a page allowing you to change the volume of the TV.
    Could you guys test if this works for you and post the output of point 4?
  • mauricebmauriceb Member
    edited August 2016
    @MarcoF That would be great. Also check this post.

    I also have a SoapUI project with the functions I have found already. And here is a thread on the Philips forum.
  • @MarcoF ;
    that does not seem to work.

    when checking the post mentioned above I tried the links.

    http://your-tv-ip:1925/system Worked and gave the following back:

    {"menulanguage":"Dutch","name":"TV Woonkamer","country":"Netherlands","serialnumber_encrypted":"PQMXthChsquNUxqOswlyjyTyJKAHnyzdmaozbgXLPHw=\n","softwareversion_encrypted":"a\/W+Hx\/hDLtI1WKfOuD2infegvprcm7J2e7wCnrC4y4=\n","model_encrypted":"WGhDAqWA5mTiQHOug05KlM8\/Kc1W3qcsFZLKMMP2z0A=\n","deviceid_encrypted":"yjgn7fp866ASLvfYtU5EQUx0oBap+qRORMakDPwKIDA=\n","nettvversion":"6.0.2","epgsource":"one","api_version":{"Major":6,"Minor":2,"Patch":0},"featuring":{"jsonfeatures":{"editfavorites":["TVChannels","SatChannels"],"recordings":["List","Schedule","Manage"],"ambilight":["LoungeLight","Hue","Ambilight"],"menuitems":["Setup_Menu"],"textentry":["context_based","initial_string_available","editor_info_available"],"applications":["TV_Apps","TV_Games","TV_Settings"],"pointer":["not_available"],"inputkey":["key"],"activities":["intent"],"channels":["preset_string"],"mappings":["server_mapping"]},"systemfeatures":{"tvtype":"consumer","content":["dmr","dms_tad"],"tvsearch":"intent","pairing_type":"digest_auth_pairing","secured_transport":"true"}}}

  • Afaik Android doesn't provide Jointspace. But if you have Jointspace, the Philips-app should work. You might need to alter the hardcoded URL in the app (download code from Github, search with a text-editor and replace URL, upload to Homey through the CLI), see also:

  • Did you guys already found a way to control your TV? I can't test things, so I'm depending on you! 

    I think the above post of Base could be very helpful. 
  • Is there already someone who found out how to control your philips tv without jointspace?
  • Hi Guys/app developers,
    Philips Consumer Care send me the info (se below) regarding the 2016 Philips Android TV models. I own a Philips 49PUS6561 model.

    Philips Consumer Care states:

    Jointspace will NOT work on the 2016 and newer models. To connect with the Philips TV, you have to use the standard Android tool adb. The standard commands goes by adb connect <ap address>.

    There is NO manual, because it is a standard Android API, see also the LINK

    For more info on the standard Android API: Android M API level 23, Android L API level 21. More details:

    Can somebody let me know if and how Homey can connect with Philips Android TV models (2016 and newer), and if there is already an app available?
    Many thanks, and I hope the above information will help.
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