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WIP: NEEO Brain App (NEEO Events) - CLOSED

nklerknklerk Member
edited April 2017 in Developers
Hi all,

Besides the Neeo Remote app i have written a NEEO Events app.
This app generates a trigger when a Event is generated by the NEEO remote or NEEO app.
These events happen when someone presses a button, slider, activate a recipe, change a TV channel and every other action you can imagine.




  • Very nice @nklerk !

    I do not own Neeo, but this makes it more interesting to me, as the Harmony Hub is poorly supported by Homey...
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited March 2017

    Hm, I have looked at the website. Interesting stuff.

    I don't see the need for 'the brain', as I hope Homey will be fulfilling that task. The remote does have my attention. It seems as a great replacement for my Harmony Hub + Remote.

    With the hub, you can connect two individually controlled ir-blasters. I use one of these, as my TV is not 'in sight' of the hub. How does the Neeo solve that? Do you need to point the remote at the TV? 
  • There is no iR in the remote. It's in the brain and has a great 360• coverage. The remote comes with a iR extender for devices in a cabinet.
  • Thanks for the answers @nklerk
  • @nklerk; great to see, thanks for the work on both NEOO apps! Hopefully they will ship them somewhere these coming months...  

    Question, the actions you want Homey to respond to use you need to type in yourself in the logic card, no drop down menu? 
  • No not for this app, this app receives every event generated by neeo. So you can filter specifically for your use case. The other app is more a device driver for the NEEO and thus you will be able to use a selection.

    another app will be made where you can send commands to Neeo devices and also that app will be able to use selections, I haven't started it yet so I'm not sure if I will combine the apps or have them as separate apps.
  • @nklerk: this looks so amazing. Job well done. This almost is reason enough for me to go and preorder a Neeo. The user interface of Neeo is pretty slick.

    Question though: using your app, would it also be possible to have any button as a trigger for a workflow? For example, user presses 'pause', then workflow is triggered with turning on the lights?

    Good luck with finishing this promising project?
  • Yes this works really well actually. I'm logging all NEEO event activities.

    To give you an idear of what is possible. here is some of the output:
    NEEO: {"action":"PLAY","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"CURSOR DOWN","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"CURSOR RIGHT","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"CURSOR LEFT","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"ENTER","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"CURSOR UP","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"CURSOR DOWN","device":"Apple TV","room":"Huiskamer"} 
    NEEO: {"action":"Light","device":"Slaapkamer.","room":"Verlichting","actionparameter":false} 
    NEEO: {"action":"brightness","device":"Huiskamer.","room":"Verlichting","actionparameter":65} 
    NEEO: {"action":"brightness","device":"Huiskamer.","room":"Verlichting","actionparameter":84} 
    NEEO: {"action":"launch","recipe":"LIGHT"} 
  • @nklerk: wow, that sounds awesome. Already a plan for when you would like to launch the app? NEEO obviously isn't even available yet B)  
  • I am using parts of the NEEO SDK. as the NEEO SDK is in development and not yet made public yet i'll have to wait for that. also i'm currently the only person in the wild that has a NEEO so publishing it now wouldn't make much sense. I expert to publish the app as soon as the first NEEO's are sent to backers.

    The app itself is fully functional. only addition i'm working on is the ability to activate and shutdown recepies on NEEO with a homey flow activity card. This will allow you to say ok homey turn on the TV for instance. Ill maybe even add a feature where you could control any feature of any device. I'll expect to have these additions ready before the units will be sent.
  • Niels, big thumps up for all that functionality!! You probably still have enough time but let's wait the promised update of today of NEEO :smiley:
  • Here are two small videos where NEEO and Homey work together:
  • Volume slider with feedback.
    Here is a demo where i used my NEEO app and the Onkyo app in a flow.
    I have one flow for controlling the receivers volume and one for the feedback.

    Thanks to @jorden for making his Onkyo app
  • The App is available in the app store and a clean post is created for the app.

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