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Introducing new members

RichardRichard Member
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Hi everyone,

As for Homey a new platform is built, it might be fun and handy to introduce yourself. We get to know each other and it might be useful to see which skills people have. I'll start by introducing myself:

My name is Richard Lous and I just finished my master in high performance computing and information security. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 23 years old. I'm interested in innovative technology and product designs, like drones, smart home, 3d printing and IT.

Skills: Java, Android, security, design.


  • Hi.
    I'm Peter. I'm from South Africa and I'm an engineer. I have experience in Java, C++, and PLC programming. I have done some work in industrial automation and am looking forward to doing the same at home.
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    I'm Ruud. I'm from the Netherlands. I'm working at the IT departement of an energy network company. I work on UX and information design of websites and apps. In my free time i do also some development. Just like Richard I'm interested in innovative technology like 3d, VR, InternetOfThings related, ..
  • Robin from the Netherlands (also). I'm external IT consultant. In my free time I try to follow the mobile industrie (mainly Google) as much as possible, develop for Android and have a Honda Civic 1991 as a project car for which I know all the wirering by heart.
  • Kyle from Australia. I'm an IT project manager with a Masters in Information Systems Security. I'm interested in automation, security solutions, travel and scuba diving. This is my first kickstarter backed project and I can't wait to get my hands on homey.
  • Martijn from the Netherlands, 25 years old. Studied computer science and currently I'm a software engineer at a small ICT company. I have a lot of experience with a several programming languages (php, c#, c++, java, ...) and i'm really interested what i'll be able to do with my Homey.
    In my free time i love to go sailing and motorcycling. Also i'm currently trying to build a raspberry pi into a old gameboy.
  • Rowan from the Netherlands, 26 years old. Ended my high-school career with a bachelor-grade in ICT. Currently employed as a sr. business intelligence-developer at a health insurance co. Experienced in programming and passionate about technology and automobiles :-)
  • Edwin from the Netherlands, 35 years old. Have a bachelor-grade in ICT and work at Legian. I'm currently outsourced to KPN International (5 years now) as a backbone designer at KPN International, maintaining, building and optimize the international IP-backbone. Experienced in routing/switching and also a bit in programming. I've got home automation (Z-Wave) and that's why I got very interested in Homey. I also got my own company in photography, doing all kind of shoots.
  • Here a simple pensioner living in the Netherlands and 65 years old.
    Programming skills only on hobby level. But with you can come still further.
    The reason for buying a Homey is to make life easier and help me stay longer independent.
    Using the voice for switching audio and video equipment, KaKu (CoCo) and calling out in a emergency situation are the first thing I like Homey to do.
    A other name for Homey is all on my mind. ;)
  • Jeroen, 34, living in Enschede. I have two jobs: working as senior network engineer at a university and as a software developer for a small company focused on network security. Interested in almost anything with moving parts and/or electronics. Bought a house last November and I'm looking forward to automating as much as possible in it, while making it more energy efficient at the same time :-)
  • Robert here, living in Rheden (NL), born in 1967 (I always forget my age ;-) Did Industrial Automation @ HTS Arnhem a long time ago and I'm currently working in the ERP software business, doing the more technical stuff like interfacing with other systems (EDI, webshops, logistic partners etc).

    In my spare time I spend my spare time on wife, kids and of course Domotica/Home Automation (HA). I started with HA in 2006, didn't like what I saw so I developed my own HA system. In 2013 I started all over again and built a new system based on Node.JS & MQTT, running stable on a Cubietruck since February this year.

    I never really had an education in software development but have learned a lot through the years - from assembly on MSX2 I gradually worked my way through VB, C, C++, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Python, PHP, .Net and Javascript (and probably some more which I don't remember anymore).

    Special skills: nothing particular actually; maybe my experience with lots of different Home Automation related products/technologies/protocols and how to connect them all during the last 8 years will turn out to be the most valuable.. ;-)
  • Ian here, 34, studied at the University in Enschede. Working as a product manager at a innovative telecom operator situated in Enschede and always looking for new possibilities to connect everything to make our lives a little easier. This is my first kickstarter project to back so i'm very curious about the project. Interested in open standards and customer usability
  • Hi. I am Dimitri, 28, living in Zwolle. I am not an engineer, but I do work for customer succes at an IT company (Exact Online). My job is to evaluate new features/software in a controlled release with limited customers to see if there is a business fit. I try to always look out for the easiest/user friendly way in using software. I do not know much about programming, but doing a little scripting via ifttt, xcode does not hurt:) I love practical gadgets that make live easier and Homey is something that stands out.
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm Peter. I live in the Netherlands and I am an Advanced Technology Bachelor student at the University of Twente. I have some very basic skills in programming, but I would like to improve them, with the help of the community, by using homey.
  • Hi,
    my name is Ad Veldt, 57 years old. I am an electronics & software engineer. Coming from many years in aircraft simulation, I do spent my time nowadays as an electrical/software engineer in developing paper converting machines at a company called Ranpak. I always have been working with electronics, driven by software being: embedded, PC based, Unix & Linux and other platforms. I hope to make use of Homey in my day-to-day living, but also hope to expand/customize Homey to my own needs and wishes.
  • USA engineer
  • Hello,
    I am Jeroen Kleijn, 23 years old, living in the netherlands. I have graduated with a bachelor of Enginering degree in Electronics. I've got a job as (ABB) robot programmer in the automotive branche for almost 2 years now.
    Altough it has been on the background for some time my hobbie is still electronics. Playing around with atmel avr (the base of the arduino).

    I recently started using "KaKu" rf controlled power plugs. I want to extend this with the homey and expand to more and more devices in and around the house. I also hope to create some of my own devices/add-on for Homey.
  • Hey guys, Im Jonathan, Aussie living in Amsterdam. Usually I fly planes for a living, but dabble in computer programming on a hobby basis. I have experience in Linux and basic HTML and Java, and am hoping to home my skills more by helping out with the Homey project.
  • Hay, I'm also a Peter :) and I also live in Holland.
    I'm actually a commissioning engineer who likes to play around with small electric parts in my free time. I wanted to create my own domoticssystem in my house but Homey seems so easy to use so I canceled my own plan and want to move to Homey! For programming, I know a lot of HTML, ASP, PHP but also some C for arduino ans BASIC.
  • Hey, here is Joop Kunst from NL.
    I am working as Trouble shooter / service delivery manager and business proces expert. So I am focused how things should work (in a business environment).
    I studied Informatics in Eindhoven (Both business and technical).
    As a hobby I have domotica, trying to connect all the available systems, but using technical solutions that are already existing. Just combining them for my own use.
    Programming I did a lot in the past, e.g. COBOL, C, Pascal, lisp, Basic+, asembler, you name it.
  • Hello,
    I am Louis and i live in the Netherlands in the Town: Een.
    I am 60 years old. In the 80th i programmed with BASIC.
    I owned the Philips TSU9600.
    Now i am using ROOMIE.
    And now i am looking forwards to use the Homey.
  • Hi,
    I am 29 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Programming experience in PHP, ActionScript 3, Node.Js, JavaScript.

    When i bought my RaspberryPi i only used it as a mediaplayer with XBMC. Then i was thinking that is it possible to also create a remote that i can control from the web at the same time. I did find this project and it works perfect. I have made some modifications to make it work with XBMC as well.
    I have all my devices hidden in closet and can control it from the web. I am looking forward to take it to the next level with the Homey.
  • My name is Mike Cremers. I am a successful led light-designer and we do complete home make-overs to led lighting. We are looking at new ways to control all lights in a house by one controller or app. We work with Philips Hue and Osram Lightify and others. We need a system that controls all lighting together.
  • My name is Vicente and I'm from Spain.

    I'm an IT worker and I love related to technology.

    I'm starting in the world of home automation and I'd love to buy Homey to integrate into my house.
  • Hi
    My name is Sobek (its polish name). I live in UK.
    I just found Homey - missed Kickstarter launch - shame!
    I can't wait to get Homey! I am big fan of home automation. I've LightwaveRF devices (lighting) and Hive (heating). I designed and installed some custom LED lighting my-self and I was looking for speech control for all devices for some time now.
    Looks like I found it.
  • Hi,

    My Name is Sebastien, I live in France.
    I always wanted to make my own intelligent home, and now that i finally have my own home, I'm in the mood to do this.
    I just ordered my Homey after looking long time for the best Home automation Hub wich is compatible with EU frequency Z-Wave.
    I was looking for speech control too like Sobek, and a way to take care of the Home Cinema too, because except me, no one knows how to use all the remotes i have, so these capabilities of Homey, plus the fact that you can "script" behavior based on one command, just made me decided.
    And i came to knew Homey because of informations i asked to Jalousier for which Home Automation Hubs where compatible with their products.
  • Hi everybody,
    I'm a 39 years old independently working IT Project Manager from the Netherlands. I mainly work for government and healthcare.
    At home I have a Z-Wave installation with a MiCasaVerde Vera 3 which I have love/hate-relationship with ;). That's why I'm very much looking forward to Homey!
    Also, I recently started a Z-Wave webshop ( and I also sell IP-cams.
    I'm very interested in the way Homey's flow/rule-editor will work. I think this is going to be the unique selling point for Homey, apart from the fact that it supports so many different devices. Right now, with the Vera, editing scenes is a nightmare. Fibaro's Home Center is nice and has a better rule-engine, but also has its problems.
    Can't wait for my Homey to arrive! And... a little bit proud I studied at the same University as the Homey founders! :)
  • Hello all,
    I am an engineer (albeit from another university in the west of the Netherlands), and have always been busy with Mediacenters, home improvement and such. I am currently controlling a large part of the house with the Homewizard, mainly due to the energylink, which gives me accurate information on the power my solar panels supply, and the power and gas which is consumed by the family on a daily basis. It has become a sport for me to further reduce my energy footprint, and hope to use Homey in reaching this goal even further by monitoring presence and switching devices and heating off when possible!
  • Hi,

    My name is Rob and am a proud user of almost any Z-Wave device available on the European market.
    Working and testing with Zigbee, Z-Wave NFC RFiD
  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm Taco, a 22 year old Electrical Engineering student living in Enschede. I'm going to help out with the embedded software for Homey. My main focus will be the communication between the hard- and software. At the moment I'm working on the Z-Wave implementation.
    My agenda, besides Homey and studying, is mostly filled with the College Korfballclub Vakgericht where I'm member of the board.
  • AthomeyAthomey Member
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    Hi everyone! I'm an entrepeneur in IT (mostly software) in the Netherlands, with a company near Utrecht with a hardware/software background. My expertise is mostly entrepeneurship of companies of <20 people with most value at tactical/strategical level, software architecture, development primarily. Secondly hardware and electronics at a high pragmatical level (lots of hobby experience).

    Personally I want my whole house automated with EVERYTHING that is remotely possible. No limits. Secondly, I want Homey to be a great succes en make that an integral part of my efforts. :-) This weekend I started with Vera Edge, Zipato, Aeon, Fibaro devices, 20x Hue's, sensors, and switches everywhere in my house. So far quite happy with where it's going. I'm also hacking lamps to hold E27/GU10 Hue's even though they are not meant for that and I will be hacking IKEA devices and such to make them compatible with Zwave controllers from e.g. Zipato.

    Nice to meet y'all!
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