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  • Hello All,
    I'm an Implementation Engineer in the USA, I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Very interested in Natural Language Processing, AI, and home automation. Big fan of Iron Man as well, so as you can imagine I'm quite interested in a smart whole control system like Homey, definitely looking forward to seeing it shipped soon :)
  • Hi
    I am Huub Nabben, 55 year jong and got a family with two kids.
    We live in the south of holland in the province Limburg.
    For 30 years I am working in the Information technology business as a analyst.
    For the last 15 year am working as a business intelligence consultant.
    My hobby is home automation. At this moment i use the products of Homewizard, Klik Aan Klik Uit and Thermosmart. Im looking forward to the voice interface of homey.
  • Hi

    My name is Remco Ploeg and I am 35 years old. My hobby is mountainbike and home automation. I started with HomeSeer 2 Pro, Vera and homewizard. Currently I am using Fibaro HC2, and terrible device with no(or slow) innovation. I am really interested what Homey can bring met his summer!
  • Hi all, my name is louis Cornelussen. I am not in ICT, but in youth care but very interested in home automatisation. Not that is done lost of that , buying klik aan klik uit is not my idee of automatisation. I want to reduse energie consumption of my home , planned sun panels on our roof and hope Homey can take a part in it as well
  • JPeJPe Member
    I am Louis and i live in the Netherlands in the Town: Een.
    I am 60 years old. In the 80th i programmed with BASIC.
    I owned the Philips TSU9600.
    Now i am using ROOMIE.
    And now i am looking forwards to use the Homey.
  • Niels, 31, from the Netherlands.
    Jack-of-all-trades / engineer / project developer at Alecto.
    I have some experience with actionscript to build flash-based websites before my current completely unrelated job. Actionscript is very similar to javascript so I should be able to understand the SDK, at least - perhaps even program some basic functions for it and learn from there.

    I want to offer support for Alecto products and try to do fun stuff with my (bluetooth-based) wii and PS3 controllers - as well as whatever wireless half-finished junk I can find in our room of 'defunct' samples and local outlet stores.

    Most of all I want to attach our wireless ground moisture sensors to Homey, because everything that is green in my garden seems to die a slow and horrible death.
  • Hi all,

    My name is Dennis, 23 years old and living in the Netherland. I'm officially a network/cloud engineer for the living, but i love developing cool things and i LOVE domotica. So i'm very curious about the Homey and pre-orderd it just now :)

    Let's hope it's being delivered quickly this summer :P
  • Hi all,

    I'm Michiel Kikkert, Javascript programmer (+10 years exp) and based in Enschede, just like the Homey team.
    Currently I'm develop the Homey Plex integration using the (fairly much undocumented) Plex HTTP API.

    Looking forward to develop many more cool apps for the Homey in the near future!
  • Hi my name is Stanley Young and I am a developer of high end modern residential homes in South Florida. I want install the best in home automation there is. The current systems are expensive and quite frankly overly complex. I am hoping that Homey will be the solution to solving that problem.

  • Hello I am Hans, 61 years old,living in the Netherlands.
    I am interested in house domotica, and how this can make live easier for elder and handicapt people.

  • Hello,
    I'm Ruud, 60 years old. I have been working in IT as a Projectmanager for nearly 30 years. My special interest in IT for the last couple of years is procesimprovement.
    I have been using Zipabox, Vera and Domoticz both in Z-wave and RFX-com.
    Gathering information from all kinds of sensors is as important to me than remote control of devices.

  • WilbertWilbert Member

    Hi, I'm Wilbert. I work as an optician.
    And want to get started whit domotica

  • Hey all,

    My name is Micha, I'm 34 and a bit of a gadgetfreak. My aim is to connect as many devices in my home to my phone and to eachother as possible. Homey will be a big bonus for eliminating the phone for controll at least in part. I like out of the box thinking but have no background in software/ hardware design.

    Can't wait to get homey home!

  • Hi All!

    My name is Marc. I'm an undergraduate AI student at the university of Groningen, the Netherlands. I'm very fond of playing around with low level electronics and building smart systems. I have experience programming in C, C++, R, Java, Matlab. I think it would be very cool to build modules that would fit in 'home automation', for which a Homey sounds perfect as a central system.


  • RonnORonnO Member

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ron, I'm 44 years old and a resident of Utrecht - the Netherlands. I am not an engineer, but I do work as a software consultant at an IT company in the south of the Netherlands. My job is to advise the correct configuration of the quality software that we produce so it fits all of the customers' needs.
    I'm an early adopter and I love domotica and the Internet of Things. I love practical gadgets that make live easier and Homey is a perfect example.

  • Hi all,

    My name is Lennart, 42 years old and also from Utrecht - The Netherlands (small world).
    I don't have any real experience with home automation, so I will have my work cut out for me to get Homey set up to do what I want.
    I new I 'needed' Homey as soon as I saw it. Took me back to watching 'Blake 7' on the BBC. Look forward to interacting with 'ZEN' and hope to learn from you guys how to make the most of it.

  • Hello everyone, I'm Cees.
    I work as a nurse on a big chirurgical ward for traumapatients in Rotterdam.
    As a backer I hope someday products as Homey will help patients in all kind of medical settings. From people in bed to elderly people at home.
    As for myself I hope Homey will be as good as promised. Seeing and reading all the developments I Just can't wait to try it out!
    Good luck with the last parts putting together.


  • Hi everyone, I’m Bob, 30 years old and i live in Vianen - The Netherlands (also very close to Utrecht). I’m wondering around on this forum since I preordered my Homy, following al the discussions, very interesting to see the community come up with all kind of new things. Or even improvements! So, I work on a IT helpdesk supporting employees with all kinds of IT related problems. In my spare time (besides creating music and gaming) I like to tinker with things like raspberry pi’s or even banana pi’s. The reason I preordered Homey is more or less to combine the home automation I have in one single device. That, together with some prototyping I very recently started, should open up a lot of possibility’s. So i’m really curious and excited to see what Homey wil have in store. Keep up the good work guys!


  • Hi all! I'm Hendrik Blokhuis (I bought a ZX Spectrum when I was 14 so no need to give my age :-) and have a passion for IoT. I try to support Athom as a company and Homey as a platform in a number of ways. My day (and sometime night) job is being a CTO at Cisco for Europe, Middel East, Africa and Russia and therefor can acknowledge this platform has a huge (international) potential!

  • hblokhui said:
    (I bought a ZX Spectrum when I was 14 so no need to give my age :-)

    47 :)

  • kriebelkouskriebelkous Member
    edited July 2015

    Time to introduce myself to.
    My name is Martin, i was born the year the ZX Spectrum was released :). I live in Nieuwegein.
    I run a costumer service department in one of the stores of the biggest electronic retailer in Europe.

    I love tinkering and innovation. I have set up some domotica at home, using mostly cheap DIY solutions. I am moving to my new house in September and hope to use homey as the center of my own smart house.

  • Hi also just like to introduce myself quickly. My name is Bren and I live in north Limburg the Netherlands close to Venray. I originally come from the UK but now live in the Netherlands for the last 20 years. My working background is mechanical and aerospace engineering Started as a jet engine technician. Now working as a reliability troubleshooting engineer for a large compressor manufacturer in Rheden. I became interested in Domotica in the last three years and now have a fibaro HC2 controller which I have just started to use in the last six months. It's going to be a steep learning curve as I have never done any programming before but I think it will be necessary to get everything up and running as I will. Luckily there is a lot of help around places like this. :) I have just started trying to get the milights working with the Fibaro we shall see how this goes. The main reason for purchasing the Homey is the simplicity and WAF this in my view is very important for any home automation system. This is also the reason for the fibaro and the ability to create all kinds of scenes. Hope to be around a bit more in the near future with the summer holidays and hopefully the Homey coming soon.

  • Hello to everyone,

    My name is Eelco Vermeij (45), live near Enschede. I build a house in 2014 and tried to get as much domotica in it as possible and within my budget. I'm using mainly z-wave (Vera lite, Fibaro and Aeon devices). Next to that I have shades working with Qmotion. The reason for me to buy the Homey is to connect everything in one device including my beamer and tv (infrared).

    Domotica is for me important because I'm in a wheelchair and have lack of energy, both because of Multiple Scleroses.

    I have no IT or programming knowledge but I'm curious about it.

  • Hi everyone my name is Simon and I live in Florida USA. I'm a fashion photographer, geek

  • My name is Kjeld Beijer, experience is business development, marketing and product development for hardware and TV apps. Previously co-owner of European peripheral brand called Conceptronic and now working for 4 years already at KPN keeping an eye on new trends, (disruptive) technologies and currently in charge of a new OTT video service calles Play. van KPN. Follower of IoT and also Homey..

  • KJB said:
    My name is Kjeld Beijer, experience is business development, marketing and product development for hardware and TV apps. Previously co-owner of European peripheral brand called Conceptronic and now working for 4 years already at KPN keeping an eye on new trends, (disruptive) technologies and currently in charge of a new OTT video service calles Play. van KPN. Follower of IoT and also Homey..

    So In a while we can use Play with homey?

    "Hey Homey I wanna see rtl4 on chromecast"

  • Hi There,

    My name is Anthony Vroom, I'm 22 live in Haarlem.

    Today I pre-orderd my Homey, so I'm very curious how it will work in my future appartment, I want it to be fully or mostly domotic, since I'm in a wheelchair and I have a neuromuscular disorder, due to that I have less strength then normal people and I sometimes can't reach specific things.

    With Homey I want to connect most of my appliances like the lights, thermostat, tv and such, also want to try to connect my ventilator to it, to shut it down on my command, so that I'm able to get to bed more easy.

    I'm an allround(creative) desktop publisher for 2 months now, so I just finished school. And got a high interest in 3D modeling and printing, graphic design, typography and all kinds of technology.

    I have 0.0 IT skills, but do know some HTML, CSS and PHP. But real programming not so much, but I do want to know more about it, since Homey is able to be used with an Arduino module, and custom codes can be put in. But it isn't that necessary for me.

    At the moment I'm practicing Blender to model in 3D, but for easy tasks I use Sketchup for the time being. Also skilled in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Howdy everybody!

    Im Michiel also from Holland, i've purchased Homey geek edidtion recently!
    As a system administrator im intrested in home automation and other new gadgets.
    Most of my home devices are able to control via IR,Network,RS232. I hope that Homey adding more value to my life!

  • edited September 2015

    Hi all, I'm Robert from the Netherlands and just pre-ordered Homey. It took me a long time to find a controller that could handle multiple vendor specific devices. I've a Raspberry Pi with XBMC, Logitech for my audio, Heatmiser as Thermostat and Neo as lights and soon Fibaro dimmer & sensors will be added. All different protocols, different API's, different Apps, well, you get the point :)

    Hope Homey will change this and that I can help develop some apps (probably Heatmiser).

    In daily life I'm an IT Consultant working mainly with .NET (web and app development) and all related markup languages.

  • Hey all,

    My name is Albert, 37 from Coevorden in The Netherlands. I'm an independant IT/BPM professional and entrepeneur. Last summer I've checked into Homey and the recent kickstarter project. The concept of the product is really interesting for me, both personally as well as business wise. Therefore I've ordered Homey instantly.

    I've got a couple of devices running around the house, mainly security and camera's connected with a Synology server. My goal is to add many more devices in the near future and hope Homey will support me with great ease of use.

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