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Tado thermostat



  • Tim_Brass said:
    When can we expect Tado 0.5.3 in the appstore?
    I have installed it from github. It does not work, the thermostat tile in the add new device menu is inactive. It needs further work.
  • Just published the app, 0.5.3 is a minor bugfix update. So it won't fix the bigger issues, that will only be possible when I receive the new Tado hardware.
  • Great HellHound! Thank you!
  • Honey, if you are using the Athom developer tools, could you paste the crash report that you are getting ?

    If needed, you can enable debug in drivers/tado/driver.js (line7), by changing

    var debug = false;  


    var debug = true;

    Based on this I can maybe find out what the issue is, without having to wait for the new Tado hardware.

    Also, for those using Fahrenheit as temp measurement in Tado, this is currently not supported by the Tado Homey app.
  • Still cant add Tado, it keeps loading and cant push the add button. :(
  • ok, today my tado was rejected. why.. i don't know. ther were no problems till today. so i removed the device and wanted to add again.... but i can't either now! 

    so ptp and reboot didn't do the job. disable/enable the tado-app, nothing works.  hmm, curious, strange...

    so at the moment my thermostat can't be added to homey :-(
    just for info, this problem will be fixed i know
  • Welcome in the club. That is the issue I am facing with since day 1.
  • ElsyKhongElsyKhong Member
    edited December 2016
    Hi..i am a new user here. As per my knowledge you can control your air conditioner automatically with your smartphone.

    tado° turns the air conditioner down when the last person leaves home and starts to cool again when it detects the first person returning. This can reduce your AC’s electricity costs by up to 40%.

    printed circuit boards
  • 0burner0 said:
    Still cant add Tado, it keeps loading and cant push the add button. :(
    Same for me. Let's just wait..
  • Yeah, @HellHound will fix it when he receives his new tado-devices. 

  • Just got my tado today (V2). It's installed and all set up, but I also cannot add it to Homey 0.10.7. The C keeps spinning when adding the device. Login and password are entered correctly.
  • Welcome @Sjoerd!
    we have to wait for @HellHound and his fixes in the app. 
  • Hi @HellHound ;
    Thnx for the great work on the Tado app. As soon as you received your V3 and I can add my V2 I will make a donation. 
    Can you give us your TADO username/mail? So we can spam TADO to send you a V3 of the first batch?
  •  :D 
  • Thank you @HellHound ;for creating the app. I like it a lot!
    I even use it to check the sunlight intensity to switch on the light on a cloudy day.

    I use the Tado mobile app to track if i'm home or not. I would like to use this information in a flow for Homey.
    I know I can get the "home" or "away" status via IFTTT, but I really would like to use it directly in a flow.
    Would it be possible for you to add it in the Tado Homey App as a card?
  • Yeah! The 0.5.4 works again. Thanks.
  • This is the first time I have installed it. I haven`t changed the settings in the app still it overrides the Tado schedule and the heating was off this morning. Is that normal? Can I use the app without overriding (reading temp and humidity)?
  • 0.5.4 works again? hmm, i will try this evening, but when it causes overriding schedules i will leave it  and wait for hellhounds rewrite.
  • So from what I've read is that the Tado is supportish. Would be wise to invest in tado and the smart thermostat buttons? Are these also supported by the app?
  • What do you mean by thermostat buttons?
  • Sorry. meant Radiator button
  • literal dutch to english translations, wonderful days :joy:  (Sorry.!)

    Radiator valve is a better name for them though :smile: 
  • Yes Sorry. Sometimes I have to rely on Google translate ;)
  • Ahh. That is TRV thermostatic radiator valve. There are not many connected TRV options on the market: Honeywell - expensive, LightwaveRF - uk only, Danfoss - Z-wave (Does not work reliably enough and very limited range for many users including me. Also it can`t communicate with the thermostat directly. Homey does not have a schedule option so for every setting point you need to make one flow). Than Tado announced their TRV for a reasonable price. That is one of the main reason made me go with Tado. A system that works independently from everything, reliable but if you need you have the option to override the settings and read out measurements. The other reason why I have decided to go Tado because it can communicate on quite wide range of protocols: E-bus (Bosch, Nefit), OpenTherm, etc... That gives you many options when you upgrade your boiler and it can control the boiler more precisely (modulating, etc) and get status and maintenance/error feedback. Unfortunately many smart thermostat (Netatmo, Momit, 1st-2nd gen Nest, etc) are dumb. They do nothing just switch on and off, no modulation no wheather compensation no communications no feed back. They are practically an expensive relay unit.

    Tado is not perfect. It still feels like a start up but overall it does a good job and it is fairly reliable (if your ISP is reliable). And to be honest I got mine for cheap (€135). I don`t think that anyone can comment on the TRVs yet as they are just shipping the preorders.
  • HellHoundHellHound Member
    edited November 2016
    @2Be: thanks for the suggestion, but I don't want you all to start spamming Tado, they'll start sending when they can :) The only 'problem' I can think of, is that I ordered 'everything', including. Smart AC, Smart Radiator and of course the new (v3) Thermostat. So, it's possible that one of those products is being delayed due to fulfilment/production issues.

    @ZperX: good to hear that it works with the 'dev' version, will release that new version soon. Normally the Homey Tado app does not override the 'mode' your Tado is set in. It only changes the mode to MANUAL when you change the temperature via the Homey Tado Card.

    @jjtbsomhorst: the Tado app for Homey still needs some final work, and currently only supports the Tado Thermostat. However, when I receive the new products from Tado, I'll get to work to support all Thermostat versions, and to add support for Smart Radiator & Smart AC. However, I cannot guarantee that all of these will be added by the end of this year. I'll do my best, but I have a busy schedule :)

    @yellow: it's on the todo, however, not at a high priority.

    I will first need to rewrite & stabilize the app, so it works for everyone and all Tado Thermostat versions. Currently there are some strange issues, like not being able to add the Thermostat (progress indicator on the add device screen), and some other issues. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to replicate these on my V1 Thermostat. So, I'm thinking it's due to the newer Tado Thermostat/API versions.

    As always, as soon as I have some updates, I'll let you all know.

  • Version 0.5.5 of the Tado app has just been released to the Homey app store.

    This should solve the problem with the continuously rotating icon when adding the device.
  • HellHound said:
    Version 0.5.5 of the Tado app has just been released to the Homey app store.

    This should solve the problem with the continuously rotating icon when adding the device.
    Fixed mine!!! Thnx!!
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited November 2016
    @HellHound ;;
    thank you! bytheway: did you already received the v3 bridge? i am waiting and waiting. they wrote in a mail in october that there is a delay because of the apple certification. and they think they could deliver in november.

    but now we have nearly december :-)
    or should i asked them if they have forgotten me?

    edit: i was able to add my thermostat again. thank you @HellHound !

  • @phil_s Nope, doubt it will happen for 2016 unfortunately. But hoping for december/christmas.

    Last message I received was that a lot of people are ordering the new Tado products, and they can't keep up. Saying "Our production is now running at full capacity. However, due to overwhelming demand, the waiting time is longer than we would have expected. The send-out will take place on a first-come, first-served basis and depending on the availability of the product type."

    And, additionally, "We’re doing everything we can to get your order shipped to you as soon as possible and are confident that we will have dispatched all orders placed up until today before Christmas."

    Lastly, a cry for help not to swamp their support team with "is it there yet" questions :)
    "It is unfortunately not possible to give every customer an exact shipping date of his/her order and we kindly ask you to refrain from further questions of this nature to our Customer Service Team."
  • Haha, i just wrote an email to their support. But i think they are in stress. So waiting is the only thing we can for the Moment. 
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