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Voice commands



  • caseda said:
    a timer is different then an alarm clock, timer counts down, alarm clock goed off at the set time.
    Timer doesn't have a flow card, it will always say that the timer is 0/over.

    alarm clock does, because 90% of the time you are not in the same room:

    So if you need multiple times doing different thing you can use the time card in the [AND] column.
    If you only have one alarm flow you can leave away the time card.
    How does Homey know "er gaat een wekker af"?
  • by setting it, either through speech, or you can type it in http://[IP_HOMEY]/manager/speech-input/ or if your very knowledgeable, through the REST API

    You will get a spoken response that is has been set by homey
    (or it asks you if it is in the morning/night or in the afternoon)
  • "What is your IP address?"
  • pocpoc Member
    edited August 2016
    Thanks Caseda , it works now.This is the frustrating bit where there are functions in Homey that are not explained at all by the athom team.I guess  ""herineringen" is used for a timer, reminder ?
  • Is there any way (voice command) to check if any timers or alarms have been set? Having to scroll through /manager/speech-input/ is not very user friendly...
    I would really like to be able to check that no alarms have been (unintentionally) set. For instance, my daughter sets an alarm at 4 in the morning without me knowing, and I have a flow that switches on all the lights in my bedroom... I would not be amused...
  • Alarms have been removed from 0.10.0 as they're rewriting an interface for this...
  • Ok, didn't know this. Thanks! 
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